Cigarette smoke out of leather

kevabearDecember 23, 2012

I recently received a leather jacket that had belonged to a dear friend of mine who we lost a couple years ago. It means the world to me. However, it reaks of cigarette smoke. I could actually smell it before I opened the box. If anyone could offer any suggestions on how to get rid of the smell I would greatly appreciate it.

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This could be tough. I am convinced there are oils in cigarette smoke which can permeate just about anything. My mom was a heavy smoker. After her death, everything fabric in her home had to be thrown away. Walls had to be painted with Kilz, a special primer-type paint that is also a sealer. As for leather, you could try wiping with a cloth dipped in vinegar, then let it air-dry as long as possible, perhaps in an empty room or enclosed porch. If you get a suuny dry day, hang it outdoors. Good luck.

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Thank you for that suggestion. I will do that. We have a big screened in porch that I can hang it out in, and put where the sun can shine on it. I have read about using Lysol, preferrebly the fresh linen scent. Someone also talked about putting it in a big bag with baking soda. Maybe with a combonation of the suggestions I will be able to wear it at some point. It's cold out now, wish I could wear it.

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