Any economical AirBaths?

thisishishouseMay 9, 2014

Does anyone have any recommendations for economically priced air bath tubs? Ideally some "good-quality basic priced unit" and not a "you get what you pay for, breaks in a couple years" model? What's the entry-level price point for air baths? (MSRP, not back-alley eBay either)

I recently received from Bain their current price list, and wasn't sure if they were selling tubs or used cars. We don't need chroma-aroma-sound therapy. Just a nice hot bath with a decent massage action.

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Sophie Wheeler

Define your interpretation of ''economical''. Quality and cheap never go together in a product.

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Ideally, price in the $3-4 range. Most of the airbaths I've been finding land in the $5-7 range.

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We are also looking at air baths, yesterday a bath sales person recommended the Maax Pose which is under $2k(!!). I have no idea about the quality of Maax products. (Anyone want to comment on that?)

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