Won a Miele S7 Tango Vacuum - What Would You Do?

rob from njDecember 9, 2010

We entered a drawing at our local appliance shop when we purchased our gas range.

We got a call yesterday that we had won a Miele vacuum cleaner. When I picked it up, the salesman said it was worth about $500. I went home and googled it and found that they actually retail for $850! We also got a year's worth of bags in the deal. Our 5 year old Kenmore has issues and needs repair or replacement (again!). Needless to say, we were delighted.

Now comes the rub - Uprights are really best on carpet. We have hardwood throughout the house with just a couple of area rugs. We'd be much better served with a canister.

I'm thinking of eBaying the S7 and purchasing a Miele canister (likely the Callisto) with the cash.

Does this make sense or is the Titan good for hardwood floors as well?

Please help us decide.

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rob from nj

Make that: is the Tango good for hardwood floors too?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I don't have any experience with either vacuum, but found some good info on the Tango at the link below...so you 'may' want to keep it.

Congratulations on being a winner!


Here is a link that might be useful: s7 Tango info

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rob from nj

Hey thanks.

I almost feel like running out and buying a lottery ticket.

We're definitely leaning toward selling it and buying a Miele canister.

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I own the S7 Marin (Swing in the US). Love it for broadloom and various jobs using the wand.

My main floor is all hardwood and area carpets. While I have used the S7 on the carpets, if I didn't have broadloom upstairs I would absolutely get a canister (I probably will get one too someday).

I have used it twice to vacuum hard surface (ie. hardwood, tile) and didn't love it. I use my central vac for those jobs still (although I hate lugging my 35' hose around).

Congrats but I say sell it and get a canister. I'd go for an S5 model over the Titan.

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The Miele upright would do okay on floors, as well as carpeting. But you have to ask yourself, "Do I really want to push this heavy machine across the floor, when I could have a canister and push a very lightweight wand, with floor brush?"

Pushing that floor brush across the floor is so easy to do. It can get inbetween furniture and under some furniture without difficulty.

If you have some carpeting, then I would add a power nozzle to the canister.

An upright, with onboard tools, is better suited if you have quite a bit of carpeting to vacuum, with some floors and above the floor cleaning added.

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Ugh, the S7 was just too heavy and difficult to get into corners (even under some furniture). Unless it's wall-to-wall carpet, in which case it's a great machine, I'd sell it and get a canister. I haven't looked back since!

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All I can say is if you want to get rid of it, I'll take it. Are you selling it for a good price? Let me know. Personally, from what I have seen on this vacuum it is good for any type of surface floor. Excellent vacuum.

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rob from nj

Thanks anyway. We already sold it and bought a Miele S5 canister. Also an excllent machine.

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