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PurplemoonSeptember 19, 2010

Most of you know about my love of the Mikasa Holiday Elegance (white and gold-trimmed) figurines, I have a fairly good-sized collection now of Christmas ones. And some look like Mikasa, but have no maker's mark on them, which is ok with me too. Well two different sets of turkey candleholders came up on eBay. The actual Mikasa set is on right now and I'm hoping to win them. The other set was unmarked, and she put it on for a Buy It Now of TWO dollars!! Whoa, I snatched those up fast. When the seller emailed me, she said she hoped I really would enjoy them as I got a super bargain....too late she realized she'd made a TYPO, instead of $2, they were supposed to be $20. I felt so bad for her, but at the same time I was thrilled I got them. (picture from auction just shows one, they are identical.)

Last year (I think, maybe longer) I saw a lovely Fitz and Floyd platter on a lady's blog. And fell in love with it.

I tried to find one online with no luck. This past week THREE were listed on eBay. Two were priced starting at $25 (plus shipping.) The other had a starting bid of $7. It was brand new, in the box!! Well NO one bid except me and I got it for that low, low, LOW price! I am extremely happy to have this beautiful piece.

Horse, and old barn, in transferware know that called my name!

hugs from happy-bidder Karen

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That just shows that perseverance is a virtue! Imagine seeing those beautiful platters on EBay after waiting over a year! I love the platter--the barn, the colors, and the plaid border--AND the price! I am jealous of everyone today...

And of course what a super addition to your white-and-gold collection. You really scored today!

- Magpie

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Good for you, Karen, and what great bargains! Especially your little turkey candleholders! Just goes to show how important proof reading is doesn't it???? I'm sure you got really excited when you found the platter and at such a great price, know you will enjoy it. ;o) Luvs

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That platter is beautiful, PM! Love the pattern with the plaid around it & the scene & text. Great bargain for you! And the turkey candleholders are sweet! Super bargain $$$ well-spent! Jeanne S.

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Great finds at great prices.

What fun to get those bargains, especially when you bid on something and win it.


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Karen, how wonderful that your were so lucky getting both of these at great prices. Pays to shop till you drop no matter where you are!


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Wow, you did well. 7.00 great, and of course the 2.00, lucky error!

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Oh Karen...I have that red tray too...I will SO think of you when I put it out in a couple of weeks. It will then be out until Easter or so, I'll think of you a lot :^)
TamGypsy was the one who told me about them.....darn, I wish she would poke her pretty face in here again. I STILL miss her!

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JB, I miss Tam here too. Her decor was always fabulous.
What fun you have the FF tray also!

I just won the Mikasa Holiday Elegance turkey candleholders! No one bid except me, so got them for $7.
(plus $6 shipping). I am thrilled, and think they are lovely.

hugs, Karen

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Your turkey candle holders are beautiful and will look great with all of your other decorations. I am going to do a white and gold table at some point but don't have anything like that to put on mine.LOL If you keep enabling, some day I may though.

What color candles do you plan on using in them? I think some shimmering gold ones would be wonderful.

DD just brought me some tree plates, blue flowered plates, 2 sets of napkin rings and a lg 8 candle holder today. She acts like I'm crazy for doing all the decorating but she sure buys lots to help me out. I think she enjoys seeing all them displayed.


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