Pull-out trash can system recommendations?

Madeline616December 6, 2011

Posting here as well as kitchens...Remodeling kitchen and replacing my stinky under-the-sink trash can cabinet with a pull-out trash system in another location. Despite every sanitizing and deodorizing trick in the book, the wood in the under sink cabinet absorbed trash odors and I was never able to remedy it.

I'm looking at this Rev-A--Shelf system, link below, and like the fact that the cans are metal and they have tops.

My contractor wants to build me one himself, with a rubber gasket and linoleum liner. He's afraid of things drip into the rev-a-shelf tracks/space between door and door mount hardware, it'll be impossible to clean.

Anyone with good or bad pull out trash can systems or experiences? Anyone used this or another Rev-A-Shelf? Any recs/advice appreciated. I don't need 2 cans, but would prefer it.



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Here is a clickable link to the Rev-A-Shelf.

I wonder how tight the covered lid is on the Rev-A-Shelf. It covers two pails and don't see how it can cover them well enough to keep odors in. Personally I prefer a garbage can sitting out and away from my cabinets, making them more easily accessible.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rev-A-Shelf

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Hey Gray,

Yes, I wondered about the lid, too--although I think there are 2 black plastic lids, one in front and one in back, and I think--but not sure--they automatically some off when you pull out the cans, so yes, maybe not that tight-fitting.

I'd love to have a stand-alone can. No room, though, unless it would sit practically in my living room :-0

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Hey guys, I built a simple pull out system for less than $20 using purchased drawer guides and left over lumber. See my YouTube video:

Here is a link that might be useful: Trash Can Pullout Cabinet for less than $20.00

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