Shower Head placement?!?

itltrotMay 10, 2013

Or heads in this case. Our masterbath shower is still in the planning stages but demo should start over Memorial weekend. We are planning on a 5'6" x 36" (upto 42") shower. DH wants 2 shower heads, wand and possibly rain head.

I hoping we could get by with a single shower head and a wand set up to run individually but I'm not sure DH is quite convinced yet.

I am however very unsure on where to place the shower heads. Do I do one on each end of the shower (the 36" or 42")? Or do I place them both on the 5'6" wall?

If they are on the long wall how much splash am I going to have on the glass wall behind it? Should this be a concern? We do have hard water.

Does it make more sense to confine the plumbing to one wall as opposed to two separate ends of the shower? All 3 walls could be accessed from the back side. Two sides share walls with the hall bathroom and the 3rd (36" or 42" wall) is a shared wall to our bedroom.

I'm probably over thinking the whole thing but I plan to do this only once. My thoughts were if the plumbing was all one wall then on the smaller walls I could do the shower niches.

Any suggestions would be great.

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We are in the planning stages for our master bath remodel and considering some of the same issues. My two cents: we currently have a 36"x48" shower stall with bypass sliding glass doors on the 48" side. The shower head is at one end (on the 36" wall). Taking a shower causes water to splash all over the 48" inch doors and they are a pain to keep clean. I don't want our new shower to have to be squeegeed at every usage (my husband would always forget so I'd be stuck doing it and get really ticked, I think!). We're looking at some of those frameless glass doors that are treated with something to make them less spotty, but they cost a small fortune.

It sounds like the splashing would be even worse if you had the showerheads on the long wall (since ours get splashed the full 48" with some falloff after about 30-36" - might get more splashy with my husband, he's taller so causes the spray to fly around higher), you would have the same problem. Also, with the heads on the long wall, would your back be to the doorway while you are showering? That would make me too nervous when in the shower.

We always have placed the niches as far from the spray as possible, and up higher so no water gets on the shelves and gets gross, or rusts the shaving cream can which leaves a stain on the shelf. The drier the niche, the cleaner it will stay. Some of the design books I've been looking at make me think "ugh, must have a heck of a time keeping that niche from molding."

If I had your setup, I'd say shower heads at either end on the 36" walls, niches on the long wall near the middle at shoulder height. I was surprised, after putting two niches in my last shower, that I really could have used three. Line up all your products you plan to have out, measure how many linear inches, and plan for that plus a little extra in niche linear inches.

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Can you post a sketch of the proposed shower area? That way everyone can better understand what you are describing. Be sure to show which walls are full height, half height and where the door or opening will be.

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If you want both heads and the rain shower to run at the same time, keep in mind that you may need to have a dedicated water heater for that shower and depending on your water pressure, something to amp up your pressure, too.

A client of mine did a shower with several heads and several body sprays, and the plumber calculated that if it ran off the water heater for the house it would deplete it in slightly under 5 minutes. They needed a special set up just to run that shower. Yours doesn't sound so elaborate but it still could be a consideration.

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Geez. This shows how tired my brain was yesterday. I meant to load a layout of the bathroom. I'll do that as soon as I have access to the plans. Sorry!

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This is the basic layout. A few things have changed in the space but nothing that impacts the shower other than measurement discrepancies. The shower space is actually 66" plus the wall.

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Do you plan to have a shower door? If you opt for just one shower head and a hand held, you could get away without having a shower door. Our basement bathroom shower is very similar in size and we don't have a door there, just the glass above the half wall. The controls are on the half wall on the left side. The shower head in on the short wall on the left and the hand held is on that same wall near the back corner. We don't have a niche in that shower as it is only used by guests and I was too cheap to put one in there.

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We are planning on a door and rest in glass. No pony wall. DH and I often shower together and DH wants someway to get wet when I'm hogging the shower head. LOL.

He really wants a rain head but I worry about plumbing in the ceiling/attic, we are in northern Oklahoma. I'd rather skip the rain head and just go with shower head and wand. Mainly the wand for ease of shower cleaning.

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We have a wand and showerhead in a 60x34" space (one at each end) and it works really, really nicely for the 2 of us when we shower simulateously. You can choose either the fixed head or the main head to be a "rain shower" (not a huge one, but still have the effect) if he is dead set on a rain head. But, truthfully, the people I've talked to who have one don't use it. The wand, on the otherhand...

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Dekeoboe, how wide is the opening for the "door" in your photo?

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lori - it is 29".

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our shower is similar in size (abit wider...) and have a fixed head on a shorter wall and the 'wand' on the long wall- but close to the opposite end of the other head- i like our setup!!

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our shower is similar in size (abit wider...) and have a fixed head on a shorter wall and the 'wand' on the long wall- but close to the opposite end of the other head- i like our setup!!

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