Fall Henredon Cabinet Decor

phonegirlSeptember 20, 2013

Karen, first you share all the inspiration pictures. Then DD shows up today with all these pumpkins.
DD always says she's not into all this decorating but she does love to shop! This is all it took to kick
start my fall decorating.Thanks

I stll love my new cabinet but haven't had the extra time to play decorating it. I used DM's
'Golden Glory' and other Federal dishes to go with the gold pumpkins. Added my Tabletops orange
and green plates, another set of green and orange dishes, two pumpkin tureens and bowls for more

Will do some tweaking when I bring more of the fall decor in. Plan to add more sunflowers for sure.
I'm glad this much is done so if I don't do any more it looks like I'm ready to Welcome our guests with
at least a little bit of fall.

Check out those pilgrim bunnies holding pumpkins! Who'd a thought there was such a thing.haha
Picked up the crystal cake dome at a ys for $2 this summer. Might fill with pumpkins, nuts
or something and see if it'll show some color. It's really heavy.

Looking forward to seeing all your fall decor. Please comment if something stands out that you think
I should tweak. Not sure about all the colors together. I put this out pretty fast and furious tonight.
Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.


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Looks great to me!! Wish mine looked like that! I take care of mom still so no time for fun stuff, I decorate entry as both kids were born end of Oct, DD on Halloween, son night before!! So at least GK's see little bit of holiday spirit. Jan

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Everything looks great! I like all the colors. I like the way you asymmetrically balanced everything, It makes it interesting to look at. Cute pumpkins too :)


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Ohhh...I am lovin' all the pottery/plates/soup tureens! so lovely in your cool cabinet! All the pumpkins look great there ... your DD is a shopper...thank goodness! ;-)

TFS, punk ... I'm hoping to decorate the 1st week of Oct ... a few weeks ago I did a little 'apple' decor on the buffet & Dollbaby. Happy Fall ya' all! Cooler weather! ~~Jeanne

Here's a pic from last weekend of a little 'outdoor decor' we did 'In the Pines' ... the pinecone wreath was a $3 find & I rewired some & added some broken cinnamon sticks & a few smaller cones. The old door is from my sis old farmhouse that was torn down probably 10 yrs ago...a short door on 2nd floor in a slanted ceilings room. Old 'motel' chairs spray painted.

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Punk, It all looks fabulous. I love that cabinet and that you can redo it for the different seasons or looks you want to convey.

I wish I had the space to have some open shelf cabinets or hutch, but just don't. That being said, Fall is definitely in the air around here, literally and in my décor!

Jeanne, that blue door and those chairs is just toooo fun!
The pinecone wreath was a super find!
What is in the jars?

Punk, your crystal cake dome was a real steal! You have a lovely assortment of glass and figures and dishes.
Fabulous Fall display!


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Jan, I love hearing your mom is so important to you. Also that your children and grkids are a special part of your life so you decorate for them. Do you celebrate the kids birthdays together?

There will always be time for more decor in all of our lives. I missed it when I was so busy but it's always great to jump on here and enjoy what others share.

SD, I know right? It's kinda hard cuz I only have 3 shelves on one side and 4 on the other. Was suppose to have four on both but one didn't make it. Works great for taller items that way tho.

Jeanne, you are so great at using old doors. Even more special that it was DSis's. I love your white ones. Makes me drool every time you share!

Love your smiles! Your in my prayers daily. I have a few of those jars. Like Candy asked, what did you put inside? DF gave me some of her DM's old Canadian jars with glass inserts in the old lids. I'll have to try to remember and fill them with something and share.

Candy, hope you will be sharing some decor pictures soon. Any new creations for this year? Love it when you WOW us with your redo's.

I searched the web but couldn't figure out who made the cake dome. It's hard to try to find some of the patterns especially when they are older. BTW, Luke Bryan is suppose to do a concert in Englewood tomorrow. Did you get tickets? Our DS could be his brother with looks and actions. I would so love to see him perform.

Thanks ladies for all the sweet comments. It's friday night and I could be decorating but seem to think I'm to tired for that. Also DS is flying in from Seattle so want to visit with him. If I drag out totes there is no way I'm going to have a good visit. My mind would keep wandering back to decor.LOL


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Punk, I love you dish colors together. You are always so full of great ideas. Your cabinets are so beautifully decorated. I am on the hunt for some soup tureens, have one but it is just an old white goose sitting on a nest. Would love to find a pumpkin one and some of the individual soup bowls. I did find a beautifu; orange tablecloth at GW some time back that I think will be a good backdrop for a fall TS. Even with all that has been going on here and no time to really do much decorating, I still enjoy the hunt of things that I could use for tablescaping. My daughter and DILS have really gotten good at enabling "my habit" too. I think they try to keep me from thinking so much about DH. I do so enjoy seeing all the beautiful things you all do. You are such a special group of friends. Jeannie, love your door and chairs. You found a deal on that wreath. It really looks great against that door. You are in my prayers daily. Keep us updated on your progress.

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Janet, great to hear your still shopping with all that's going on. Glad you found the beautiful orange tc. I still only own one Halloween table cloth. It has a pattern so is hard for me to decorate with. I've used black and that worked well.

Hope you find more tureens! Yours sounds neat to me. I found my first one at a second hand store. Most of mine came from ys and so cheap I couldn't leave w/o. If your out shopping now and around Christmas check at GW for tureens. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a pumpkin one w/bowls!

So glad to see you here! As always, thanks for the sweet comments.


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Your cabinet is decorated beautifully! I love how you did it. You have a knack for placing things, and all the colors just pop.

I think this gigantic cabinet is the most amazing piece of furniture, what fun to decorate!

I added the photo of it to my Pinterest Fall decor board.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks Karen, first thing I realized is it takes alot of dishes to fill that big cabinet. When I first decorated it I used two of my largest dish sets. Not a problem. Maybe
I shouldn't of donated so much! However it will be fun to keep shopping for it.

I did get the rest of the dining room ready for fall so will try to get pictures taken. I
even added a bow to our little deer outside thanks to your idea with your lg dog
statue you share!

We ended up with to much company to do alot but I'm happy for now.


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Punk i really love how you decorated you Henredon Cabinet for fall Your DD is the best. she picks out the perfect hings for you.
I guess I need to start pulling out my fall and Halloween bins.
Jeanne, how great to see you and those two mighty fine looking men there with you.
The door is great. I love to see old things re purposed.
I hope I'm all caught up now.

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punk ... thanks ... I just love everything you do!

Here's a close-up of the old Mason jars you & Candy asked about ... they are in a wire canner lift ... pinecones, broken cinnamon sticks, Ohio buckeyes & acorns. Fun using old canning jars in decor! ;-) Jeanne S.

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Thanks Nana, DD is special and so thoughtful. You seem to be lucky in this category also. So glad you didn't make us hire a PI to locate you!!! Hope things will slow down soon for you. Life in the fast lane does wear one out.

Jeanne, love the close-up of your jars in the canning rack. You are so clever using the rack and adding all the neat things. Bet they smell heavenly when you open them up.

I really do need to get mine out again and play. DGD's turquoise pumpkins are still here and don't go with my other fall decor at all. They would look great mixed with some blue jars tho.

Thanks ladies and keep posting when you have time.


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