how to clean drip mark off stainless dishwasher?

meg711December 7, 2007

I have a Bosch stainless dishwasher with two loooooong drip marks down the front that seem to be permanent. I've tried almost everything out there and while the marks seem to disappear when the DW door is wet, the marks are visible again once the door dries. They aren't visible at every angle but they're there and they bug me. I can't imagine that they were made with anything but water so I don't know why they won't come off.

Anyone know of a safe way to get rid of these drip marks? (The manufacturer recommends liquid stainless steel cleaners with a soft cloth. No mention a brand or what to do with stubborn marks.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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the two things that come to mind are Metal Glo, and jeweler's rouge - that being the finest of the polishing compounds, you can find 'rouge cloths' that might be just what you need.

the only things I can think of that it could be are a flaw in the finish (I don't remember what products are getting sealed and what aren't, any more) or the faintest of watermarks (calcium deposit)

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Thanks for the info. The drip mark was not there when the DW was new, so I'm pretty sure it's a water mark. I have a bad habit of opening the DW with wet hands.

I'll keep the Metal Glo and rouge cloths in mind--although I'm hesitant to use anything too strong. Right now you have to be looking for the drip mark to see it and, of course I'm always looking for it, hoping that it has magically disappeared.

Thanks again!

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If I were you, I would try a liquid stainless steel cleaner as the manufacturer suggests.

I am usually opposed to buying such specialized products, but my Whirlpool cooktop came with a small bottle of cooktop cleaner. I used it on the front of my dishwasher and it did a great job of getting rid of spots that were not coming out with normal cleaning. Both my cooktop and dishwasher are black.

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Thanks graywings. I've tried a number of liquid stainless cleaners but they're not helping. Right now one drip mark is visible only from a certain angle and that's the best I can do. The other mark is hardly visible at all.

I was hoping that someone had had the same problem and could recommend a safe solution. But you're right. I'm starting with what the manufacturer recommends. I may have to call Bosch and see what they suggest now.

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Please post again when you find an answer. I have the same problem with my bosch DW.

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I intended to go out and buy the new 3M stainless steel cleaning kit that someone mentioned on another thread but I didn't need to. The repair guy was here today looking at my Dacor oven and happened to ask whether I was happy with my stainless steel cleaner. I had to admit that I must have six or seven right now, and that I use them for different things but that nothing has gotten rid of my water drip marks. He suggested something called Signature and I tried it out.

With the first attempt, the drip marks were less visible but the door was slightly streaky. I tried it a couple more times and, now, the drip mark is not there at all. The tech guy gave me a small amount to try out. If the drip mark returns, I'll let you know but, in the meantime, here's a link to an online seller. (I should have asked the tech guy how much it was.)

I forgot to also mention that it supposedly works on polished granite, wood, vinyl, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Signature cleaner and polish

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Here's another link about Signature Polish.

Here is a link that might be useful: Signature Polish info

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I just checked the door again. While the drip marks are noticeably improved, there is some streaking still visible. (I'm pretty sure I am the only one who can see the marks now.) So while I would recommend using the Signature Polish to get rid of the drip mark, I'm not sure I would want to use it for regular cleaning--because of the streaks. I'll keep you posted.

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I also have a bosch and have the same problem. A friend of mine raved about hers and so I went with it. She showed me how easily hers cleans up and even brought her cleaner over to my home and it did not remove the water streaks. We now believe that bosch changed the type of SS on their dishwashers. I can't tell you how this bothers me. I would never get a bosch again . There is a way to remove the streaks. I sprinkle Bon Ami on a damp dish cloth and rub in a circular motion. I rinse it off and follow up with SS magic. It works great but is a pita to do. I hope this helps.

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Thanks Debbie,

I haven't tried Bon Ami or Barkeeper's Friend yet because I was afraid that it would do something to the finish, or to the sheer shiny coat I thought was there to protect the stainless. I'll keep it in mind but, luckily, the drip mark seems to be gone now. NOw my problem is that the Signature Polish left a couple streaks. I think I need to perfect the application process--those long strokes, etc.

The other thing I discovered is a very small dimple dent low down on my door. I have no idea how it got there, or when, but it has me upset. Oh well.

I wonder how we can find out if Bosch changed their stainless?

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I have the same problem with my SS dishwasher. What I want to know is, who is the jerk who decided that stainless is fashionable???? My old white front appliances cleaned up a lot easier! LOL!!!

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The best thing that I have found to clean water marks off of stainless is metal polish/tarnish remover, like you would use on sterling silver flatware. In my previous kitchen I had numerous SS drawers/cabinets as well as appliances so I tried everything. What I observed is that SS actually tarnishes and what you can see as drips are actually places where water, etc, has "untarnished" the metal, so it appears lighter than the rest. If I remember my web research right, SS technically means that it doesn't rust, not that it doesn't tarnish.


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I also have SS Bosch DW plus a KitchenAid slide in range, WhirlPool/Kenmore refrigerator, Kenmore microwave and Broan hood vent. Each one came with a different liquid cleaner. Everytime I used the liquid cleaners there was always streaks left.

meg711---- my DW also has 2 water marks that I have put off trying to clean until I read this thread. I read the info at the Signature site you posted about using water and mild detergent and did that first. Water marks were still there. Next I scrubbed gently the water marks with the baking soda paste. Next I used (what my DH bought)Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Cleaner starter kit. It contains a handle & pad with 6 pre-moistened pads. I put one pad onto the handle and went over the DW with long strokes with the grain. This morning only half of one water mark is still visible to me---so I will try the baking soda paste on just that part. I know that site said to use vinegar for water marks but I wanted to try the milder baking soda first.

Since the pad was still moist I used it on the range front---it looks so much better but still has some slight light smudges in one area---I didn't use the detergent on the range. Next I will tackle the giant SS refrigertor

The extra Scotch-Brite pads have to be kept in the plastic container that comes in the kit so they won't dry out. Has anyone else tried these pads? Today I like them much better than the liquid cleaners. I just hope the pads don't dry out before I get around to using them.

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I've got stainless appliances, too, and whoever called them "stainless" obviously is a sadist.

I get those same type of shadow stains on my DW and on the fridge under the water and ice dispenser. I must have every stainless cleaner known to man and I've tried them all except the ones that are abrasive.

One day I just gave up and tried straight ammonia on a paper towel, rubbing hard and with the grain. THAT seems to have worked. The shadows are a lot lighter and practically invisible. The other thing I noticed is that even when I think it's clean, I'm getting some brownish residue on the paper towel (cooking grease?)

So maybe the combination of water stains, grease, dust, etc. is what makes stainless retain that shadowy look.

I love the way it looks. The problem is that it's never going to look like it did when you first got it unless you never use it! Maybe we should just scrub the heck out of it like they do in restaurants!

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blairgirl--My Sears Whirlpool SS refrigerator has those water marks below the ice/water dispenser too--no can get either without some dripping onto the refrigerator.

I did use the ScotchBrite pad on the refrigerator--it looks a little better but still lots of spots. I too got that brown color when I cleaned it.

I have seen so many different solutions to clean SS just wish I knew which actually worked all the time. Never realized it would be so hard to keep spotless.

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Baby oil works great on SS. And it repleals finger prints.

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I tried using a lot of "stainless steel" cleaners on our stuff too. The best thing I have tried (and recommended by our cleaning lady) was the Stainless Steel Magic Foaming cleaner (not the spray version). It's still a PITA to get perfect. I use cloth diapers (that have been through the wash a bunch...all the sizing has been washed out) to wipe the surfaces down...seems to help.

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I got mine off by spraying with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water and then rubbing with baking soda. It took some elbow grease, but I got the water stains off.

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Hopefully I'll try these new ideas next week. (Yes, the water stain has reappeared in its shadowy form.)

ebear, do you rub with baking soda while the vinegar/water mixture is still on the SS surface?

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Anyone try a steamer on it. I have a Kenmore SS fridge (10yr old), I've never had the water mark streak on it but plenty of grimy finger prints. I recently bought a handheld steamer (look for steamer thread for details) and it's made the fridge look new. I hope this helps.

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Yes, I spray the surface then rub with baking soda. Don't forget to go with the grain of the SS. Since baking soda will leave a film if not washed off completely, I rinse it with the vinegar/water mix. It should really sparkle!

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I have read all the postings with great interest - I have the same drip marks (could be any liquid) on my Bosch dishwasher. I was panicking because I rubbed at them with a stainless steel specialty cleaner and lightened a large spot over the marks - but the drip marks were still there. Needless to say, the posting about stainless steel tarnishing suddenly made sense, as did the baking soda and vinegar & water cleaning method. I have just spent 10 vigorous minutes using those tips and my dishwasher looks fantastic. No more drip marks and the tarnish is removed so that my dishwasher looks new. I think there was a build up of all those stainless cleaning products. I would have used anything but I love that it is nice, inexpensive and environmentally friendly cleaning products that did the trick!

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Great tips for the watermarks! Now, what about scratches? I have a commercial style stove with the ss back. Apparently someone cleaned it with a brillo pad at one time, and didn't follow the grain! Any suggestions?

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All our kitchen appliances, including a Bosch DW, are SS.
The front panel of the DW appeared defective when installed. Sort of looked like water streaks, but we hadn't even used it! Our builder agreed that it should be replaced, so he went ahead and got another panel. This was over 10 years ago. No problems since then. For the entire time, we used 3M SS Cleaner and Polish and were very pleased with the results. Last year we learned that the Weiman SS Cleaner and Polish did well at limiting streaking, so we found a can at WalMart and tried it. Overall, we think it cleans and polishes slightly better than the 3M, and it doesn't take as much work to do the job. If we were teachers, we'd give the 3M a B+ and the Weiman an A. You might consider trying the Weiman.

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We have a new SS Bosch dishwasher that was installed in August, and those streaks bug me too. I clean it with something called 1-step Stainless Steel Cleaner that I think I got at Home Depot (hate to tell you how old it is, but I bougtht it when we lived in another house and hadn't used it til we remodeled here recently). It's made by Home specialities. I'm looking at the spray blue bottle, but that's all I can tell. It's kind of an oily substance, but I find if I use it regularly, with a microfiber cloth, it gets rid of those streak marks. The streak marks return quickly, I think because we use the DW so much, and maybe our wet hands are dripping water? I think it's the effect of oil on water. What do I know? I'm not a chemist.

I try to use the microfiber on the DW every other day or so, without spraying more of the cleaner on it, and I use a firm rubbing motion. Maybe because it is a microfiber cloth, the circular motion doesn't seem to harm the SS, even though they tell you to go with the grain.

I find that if I clean only "with the grain'' it doesn't get the streaks out. I get them off first, then I rub with the grain.
But it really takes doing it often, sometimes once a day, maybe at night before we go to bed. It's irksome, but I think the DW is pretty to look at when it's shiny.

I wonder if the streaks become more permanent if you don't keep at it, I don't know. Maybe they did change the SS material they use. Maybe if you just keep cleaning them religiously eventually the streaks will eventually wear down. I also wonder if this oily stuff will build up over time, so I liked hearing people's tips to get it off with vinegar or other cleaners.

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I tried all the SS cleaning creams, lotions, and sprays and nothing works as well as WD-40! No kidding! Spray on and wipe. Streak free! I also recently used Milsek furniture polish and cleaner. It is a natural oil polish, like lemon oil. All my stainless looked great.

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I also have a Bosch dw which I have the same drip mark problem with. I've also gone through my collection of SS cleaners and nothing really removes it. The liquid Barkeeper's Friend was the best but still did not completely remove the marks. Since it is so much trouble to clean I just have a drippy looking dw. I hate it. I don't have any problems with my other SS appliances. My Bosch dw is 3 yrs old. I think they used inferior SS to cut costs.

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Is it only Bosch's? DH wants to call Bosch and see if we can get a replacement panel but it doesn't look to me like it could be changed out.

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My husband gets drips all over our SS dishwasher and on our SS garabage can. (He's a slob in the kitchen!) I use Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel appliance cleaner. (bought at Home Depot) This gets rid of the drip marks that show when dry, plus leaves a slight film of mineral oil to repel fingerprints and repeat drips. This stuff is like gold, comes in a spray bottle and lasts forever (or maybe I don't clean my SS appliances enough!) One thing, it will make your floor extremely slippery if you happen to overspray. I now spray directly on my paper towel, wipe and throw away! Cleans & shines in one step!

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blackcatsct, do you have a Bosch dw? if so, is it a fairly new one?

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My wife and I tried everything including the baking soda with and without vinegar. Although our efforts were rewarded with improvements, the drip line on our Stainless Steel Bosch Dishwasher remained visible. I just read this forum and someone mentioned TARNEX.
I just used it on a paper towel and rinsed it off. It worked perfectly. DRIP MARK COMPLETELY GONE!!!!!!! 10 seconds.
Now I'll seal it with stainless steel cleaner.

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Furniture polish like pledge or end-dust also works well! I think there is even a pledge that is good on granite.

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Our water (DC area) is very high in calcium, so any time water touches the stainless dishwasher (Whirlpool), fridge (KitchenAid), or stove (GE), it leaves a spot or long drip mark that heretofore has been impossible to remove. Fingerprints were never a problem, but those water marks...! The best we could achieve, using a variety of stainless cleaners, was to make the marks less pronounced.

I came home today to find all 3 appliances looking like new (aside from the odd scratch). I asked DH what miracle product he had found, and he triumphantly pulled from beneath the sink -- roll of drums -- a spray bottle of Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner! I'm amazed that anything could make those appliances look so good but very happy that an inexpensive and readily available product can negate the effects of our hard water.

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We just purchased a new Bosch dishwasher, installed on Wednesday, and to my dismay this evening while closing the dishwasher door I noticed a huge long water mark right down the middle of the door, it wasn't there earlier it just appeared out of no where. I tried to clean it off with my stainless steel cleaner and glove, it seemed to clean it but I could still see the mark, then my wonderful husband came to the rescue, he went to the garage, and came back with a tube of Wenol, an auto and motorcycle ultra soft stainless steel cleaner that he uses on his 1930 Model A Coupe, and Truck, now my dishwasher is sparkling and the water mark is gone. Great product!

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I just used Flitz metal polish. Did a wonderful job. Looks like new however I did have a spot that I could not get clean and rubbed to hard and now have a slight shiny spot. I would say do not rub hard and this product will work great.

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Here's what worked on my SS sink: Lemon pledge, spray and rub with a soft cloth. Good luck!

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I had streaks all over ss dishwasher...used lime away spray came right off

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I got a water drip on my brand new Bosch DW too! When I wiped up the water (which had only been there like 10 seconds) it left a light spot and looked like the finish rubbed off. I tried everything, and then called the appliance store where I bought it. They said they'd replace the SS panel if the cleaning product they recommended didn't work. It's called Twinkle. It's a water-based aerosol cleaner that contains butane and propane! Honestly I was a little nervous to use it since I use only natural/homemade cleaners, but I was at my wit's end. I bought a can there for $13...yikes. But good news! I think it worked! It's only a been a few minutes, but the stain usually reappears pretty quickly, so I think this stuff really works. I'll continue using my own stuff for everyday, but if I ever get a stain, I'll use Twinkle for sure.

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I have the same problem with my Electrolux - I'm going to try some of these solutions - thanks!

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I have an Sears elite dishwasher and it had the same water streaks. I read all the posts and decide to go with the easiest solution to try first. I had some Brasso on hand and after a good wipe down, streaks are gone. After seeing the tarnish on the yellow cloth, I have decided that Brasso will have to be used several times a year. But the dishwasher is sparkly clean and shiny now.
Thanks everyone.

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I have had the same water marks on my stainless steel stove for 2 years now and have tried everything to get rid of them.
I think i found the answer, today I tried a cleaning cream called Cook Top cleaning cream for smooth top ranges. it comes in a white bottle with a black label/gold writing.
my stove looks brand new.
I wiped on the cream and rubbed it in, then wiped again with a dry cloth and it looked a little smuged so i took a damp paper towel over it then again with a dry towel and it looks great - brand new!
I am soooo happy.
No elbow grease at all - do not rub hard just rub on wipe off
I will update if this doesn't last and the water steaks come back.

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Here is the links to the cleaner I used

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The link I posted before was the wrong link Here is the correct product and link

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have little bit knowledge about dishwasher odors which I want to share with you. To remove dishwasher odors, pour white distilled vinegar into a glass, place it in the top rack and run your dishwasher with a little dishwashing liquid. Use a sponge to remove loose particles with help from a professional cleaner.

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I have a Bosch also. I had drip marks and used everything I could think of and nothing worked. By chance I found a can of Stainles Steel Magic at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It works great for the Bosch finish. I do think the Bosch finish is a little more difficult to keep drip mark free. My Jenn Air fridge is stainless and not nearly as hard to keep clean.

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@Gina62...THANKS! I had tried the usual SS cleaner earlier and it made the water marks worse. After reading all of these posts, I used your suggestion and grabbed my cooktop cleaner and it worked perfectly!!! Thanks so much for sharing this info! Don't have to go out and spend any $$ on anything else now.

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We too have a Bosch stainless steel dishwasher/stove/microwave. The dishwasher has been covered in water spots and dribbles since day one! Our refrigerator is a Samsung/stainless steel and mostly just finger smudges. After trying several stainless steel polishes, vinegar and water with no success, I found a bottle of Lysol All Purpose (lemon) cleaner in my cleaning closet. Directions said safe for stainless steel appliances. It worked AWESOME!! spots were gone immediately and my appliances look like new again! Took a total of 20 minutes to do all the appliances - and my arms still work!

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Thanks for all advice regarding drips on Bosch SS. Lime Away/CLR/coffee maker cleaner on a paper towel did the job for me in two minutes. Whew. Thought this was an issue, but not. Thanks again.

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I've had drips, fingermarks etc. on my SS Kitchenaid DW & have used everything I could think of. With no high hopes I got out the Scrubbing Bubbles from my bathroom cabinet & started spraying away & viola!!!! I sprayed it on, waited about 1 minute & wiped it off with a warm wet dish cloth. Then I dried it good. I am amazed at the outcome, it's the best I've seen yet. My dishwasher & stove are sparkling.
I checked the label & sure enough it stated it can be used on stainless. :) Hope this helps someone else.

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ive got it!...i was doing research for a friend and found your posts here...i tried the vinegar n water mix with a bit of baking soda, it did clean it nice but just like the rest of you i still had the water stain/streaks down the entire front of the i just decided to be brave and try one of my fav cleaning tools, the magic eraser!...i sprayed the front with my Weiman steel cleaner then used the magic eraser going with the direction of the grain, then wiped behind it with a clean cloth...and they are gone!!

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I used Weiman Glass Cook Top cleaner just a small amount on a paper towel, water drips came right off. Followed with a good SS cleaner. It Worked!

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OMG! I just bought all SS appliances and I am panicked after reading this thread. I agree with an earlier post. What were we thinking; my white appliances cleaned like a dream. I found this thread when I was looking for SS cleaners. You guys have made me crazy. I am recently retired and I really didn't plan on spending all my time looking up how to clean SS appliances and/or actually cleaning them. :(

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Read this thread with alarm because we just installed 6 SS appliances, and DH was completely frustrated trying to clean a streak off of the dishwasher (a Kitchen Aid.) Before I tried any of these things, we tried Goo Gone. DONE. Took two minutes. Streak didn't come back, dishwasher looks perfect.

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Copper cleaner is the way to go!! Didn't think I'd spend most of Friday night of Labor Day Weekend trying to clean the water marks off my Sub Zero, but there you go.... Tried Stainless Steel Magic, Windex, white vinegar and plain old detergent and water. Nothing worked. Kept researching and saw that someone said it's tarnish and suggested silver polish. Tried my Twinkle Silver Polish and it worked better than anything else so far, but not perfectly; visible streaks and water drop marks remained. Putting the silver polish away I noticed little raised letters on the lid of the container telling me that for stainless steel, use Twinkle Copper Cleaner. Dove back under the sink and retrieved the copper cleaner...WORKED FANTASTICALLY! All the nasty streaks are gone, and I do believe whoever said tarnish was the culprit was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! The copper cleaner smelled awful once I applied it (must have been some chemical reaction dealing with the tarnish), but after rinsing with a good dose of clear water, and polishing up with a clean terry towel, the front of the Sub-Z looks better than it ever has, and it didn't take that much elbow grease. I suppose I should follow up tomorrow with a coating of Stainless Steel Magic for a little protection. Hopefully it will look just as good tomorrow in daylight, but I'll be surprised if it doesn't. Copper cleaner was definitely the way to go--I'll never use anything else, and highly recommend it for getting off these nasty stains if you can't keep up with wiping the surfaces down every night to keep the tarnish off.

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Wow! I've learned so much reading this entire thread. I have Afresh brand stainless cleaner (also tried Stainless Steel Magic same scenario) and at first I was so disappointed because it didn't seem like it worked on my KA fridge. So then I decided to try it again and really put it on heavily. Got a rag and really really rubbed it hard until it shone. It seems to act as a protectant. Even though I still get the finger print marks its easier to get them off now that it seems to have a coating on it. I will definitely try the Twinkle Copper Cleaner if I get some streaks. I still love my stainless even with the extra work, it's so pretty!!!

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I also have drips on my SS and it drives me crazy. I really appreciate the suggestions and tried most of them with varying success and difficulty. What DID work instantly, was cookware cleaner. I use KUHN RIKON. I used it following their directions. It worked like a charm instantly. I don't have to be neurotic anymore!

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When I thought nothing would work a member of this forum encouraged me to use Bar Keepers Friend. I tried it on a small area towards the bottom of the fridge and saw it didn't scratch and then cleaned the entire fridge. The water stain was gone. It looked like new. I never used a made for stainless cleaner again cause it makes streaks. Now I just wipe it down with a damp micro cloth ...sometimes with a mild vinegar solution. Super easy.

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I had a couple huge limey water runs from my icemaker. I put a couple dots of Dawn dish soap on a yellow pad for cleaning ceramic cook tops (it came with the Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner) - ***DO NOT USE THE YELLOW SPONGE WITH THE GREEN SCRATCHY - IT WILL SCRATCH YOUR STAINLESS. I used up & down medium rubs with my nails pressing down. Then I wiped it off with Simple Green Stainless Steel one-step cleaner & polish. I had to do it a few times but those water drips are GONE... Just make sure to use the small yellow scratchy exclusively designed for cleaning ceramic cook tops and you may want to test your stainless in a hidden spot, I have GE Profile appliances and they did not scratch with the pad.

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Bar Keepers Friend did it for me.

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i called bosch and they said use a stainless cleaner - didn't work BUT i used my glass cooktop cleaner (it says can be used on stainless) and it came out great.

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i called bosch and they said use a stainless cleaner - didn't work BUT i used my glass cooktop cleaner (it says can be used on stainless) and it came out great.

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This is the first time I have even posted to a that should tell you something. I have read this blog a couple of times, but I was afraid to try to clean the water stains off of my SS dishwasher. Well I figured, I had to try something, so I used a damp/slightly wet Dobie pad and then some Bar Keepers friend. I wiped with the grain and then used wet/damp paper towels to wipe it off. It worked amazing!!!! The spots are gone and it took basically no effort. I was really happy and figured I should pay it forward and let others know what worked for me. One tip, I put an old towel down underneath the dishwasher so that any drips would be caught and then I could just wash the towel. Also, after I finished, I use the SS cleaner polisher so maybe it will have some protection. It was interesting that when I wiped with the paper towels, the paper towels had gray residue. This leads me to believe that it was tarnish and that the lighter water spots was where the tarnish was taken off. Please also note that my dishwasher is SS, and not the faux SS. I would not do this on my fridge since that has the faux SS that does not leave fingerprints.

Also - I guess this is a bonus.... I tried cleaning my absolute back granite tops with a mixture of 2 parts water to 1 part alcohol with 1-2 drops Dawn in a larger spray bottle. I was looking to disinfect my countertops, but again, I was really worried I would ruin it. Well I can report that I have been using this for a couple of weeks now with no damage.

Hopefully this will help anyone that has SS and granite countertops. Thanks!

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I have a GE refrigerator and the watermarks are a problem with it also, so not just a Bosch. My appliance repairman said that many appliances are made at the same factory for many different companies. So that may be part of the issue.

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I had the exact same 2 drip stains on my stainless dishwasher. I thought they were chemical stains. I tried everything and FINALLY GOT IT!
Use Bar Keeper Friend liquid detergent. Scrub With a moist towel in circular motion. I took me twice to get it. Then, seal it with peanut butter...yes, peanut butter. Rub a light coat on it with a moist towel like waxing a car. Then use a Clean portion of the towel and rub it off. No streaks, no drips, like brand new stainless. And the peanut butter helps to seal it from future drip stains.

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Any oil based product will clean it. Pledge, Pam, you name it. Micro cloth, and buff. Good to go. The oil repels the water and forms a coating.

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After reading this thread, I am SO HAPPY stainless fronts seem to be going "out of style". When I visit Sears or Home Depot I don't see as much SS. Thirty years ago we were re-modeling our kitchen, my very wise Mom counselled me not to get something trendy. She said sh'ed seen kitchen styles come and go, copper, avacado, etc. She told me to get what I like and something easy to clean, because I'd be stuck with it a long time. I chose simple almond fronts for my appliances. I recently had to replace the range hood, couldn't find almond but put in a black one and it doesn't look too bad.

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Clorox Cleanup kitchen with bleach. Rub over SS with paper towel, wait thirty seconds, then wipe off with wet paper towel a couple times. Cheap, and you don't have to order online or go to home depot or wherever.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you everyone for your posts. I found something that's working great....Scratch Doctor. It's used to take scratches off of car paint, but it has taken off the water marks on my stainless steel dishwasher. Nothing else has worked for me. When you use it, use long strokes, with same pressure, with the grain. Buff it off and apply a good stainless steel protectant. It looks like new!

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There are several oils available in the market that remove it permanently. Try one of those which suits to you. On thing that you can do is to dry your dishwasher always after each and every uses.

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After reading this forum and getting various information I wasn't comfortable trying some of the ideas presented. I decided to get a fresh lemon wedge and rub on the water drip marks. I then wiped it off with a wet paper towel and the marks are GONE! I then followed up with a mild stainless steel polish and the 10 year old dishwasher looks brand new. Hope this helps someone else.

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