Duster alternative....ever tried?

rosesr4meDecember 2, 2012

I have been using a mini "California Duster" that is marketed to use on cars and interior dashes. I have been using it around my home and it has been fantastic! I live in a 80 year old house with old (read: drafty) windows and 3 cats. It picks up the fur and dust without spreading it around. I have used countless microfiber cloths without the success of the California duster. I also wiped down my windows to make sure there was no wax residue (the mop is impregnated with paraffin).

Just wondered if anyone has tried it yet. So far it is the best cleaning idea I have found so far! Now if they only make a floor version....

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Never heard of or seen one. Then again, I'm not a car enthusiast. I know "Flylady" recommends feather dusters.

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jannie...they are not a feather duster - they look like a cotton string mop on a short handle.

I would love to try making a floor version - like a cotton string mop but I would have to devise some method of getting the paraffin or beewax into the cotton fibers.

Any ideas?

Has anyone used the Fuller floor dusters that are supposed to be treated?

Here is a link that might be useful: california duster

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rosesr4me: is it washable? Or are you supposed to throw it out after use? I'm trying to avoid using disposables, but the dust/hair are driving me nuts.

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linnea...it is not disposable, which is really great about it. They say the dirtier it gets the better - you just shake it out. I understand you can wash them too, but I would think that would lessen the amount of wax in the fibers. I have a large one that I use on my vintage mustage - never washed it (going on 9 years.)

An important to key to remember using it is that you don't have to bear down on it, just a light swipe will pick up ALOT of the dust and fur. It amusing how I am so excited about such a domestic device (and nope, I don't work for them), but I can't stand trying to clean and having fur and dust just get suspended in the air.

My BF is going to somehow attach a long handle to the larger duster to try on the floors. If that doesn't work, I have an old can of SnoSeal (beewax used for waterproofing boots) and massaging a very small amount of that into a cotton floor duster. Worth a try!

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Jade087.....Which rubbermaid mop do you use?

I have never had any luck with microfiber mops (I have quite a collection) They just don't work for me. Using them damp, they just gather the loose fur and then deposits it shortly in clumps on the floor. Using them dry just seems to push the crud along.

I think the only thing that works is either 1) suction or 2) something in the mop itself (i.e. wax) to attract and keep the dust and fur on the mop.

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