Cleaning a glass stove top

pkj1950December 28, 2011

Over the holidays I was cooking fruit for a family favorite cobbler......this fruit juice w/dissolved sugar boiled over on my glass top stove. I cleaned it teh best I could with what time I had. Now there is a brown burnt on stain everywhere the boil over touched. Any suggestions on getting this off? Thanks!

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Have you tried a glass surface stove cleaner or something like Softscrub? What about a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Kitchen Scrubber? DM swears by Ammonia for just about any sticky hard to remove spillage. Of course, with a glass top, you can always try a razor/scrape blade--gently scrape the spillage off the glass and follow up with the stove cleaner or soft scrub. That's the fastest way, but definitely check to make sure it doesn't void your warranty. Good luck!

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Unfortunately "hot sugar" will etch the glass. This may be the problem with your stove top if it was not cleaned off immediately after splattering onto the glass top.

Best to always clean spills/splatters off immediately, don't wait until food has finished cooking.

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Here is what I do when something burns on the cooktop. This might sound like a Cerama Bryte commercial, but I find this stuff really works. I put a little Cerama Bryte cleaner on the spill first and let it sit; this usually softens things up a bit. Next, I use the Cerama Bryte scraper (which is just a razor blade in a plastic holder ... you could just buy a cheap razor blade holder instead) to scrape off what has burnt on. Finally I use the yellow scrubpad to scrub any remaining residue off.

I've always worried about etching the cooktop with burnt sugar, but I have boiled over sugary stuff that has burnt on and I've been able to get it off without a problem. The razor blade with cleaner seems to do the trick.

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Barkeeper's Friend is the best. Just sprinkle it on the stains (it's like Comet) and scrub with a wet paper towel. A little elbow grease takes care of it.

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LilFlowers MJLN

I use the same thing as Flicka and am in total agreement. I have boiled over some gumbo which is roux and had no problem cleaning it up. I've also boiled over some baked beans which I add brown sugar and had no problem cleaning it up. It just took a little elbow grease.

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