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stitchin1950April 12, 2012

This is probably a trivial question considering some of the more consequential questions being raised. But I am nearing the final decision on several finishes and I thought I would ask for your decorating opinions. I am trying to decide on an accent tile for the tile bath tub surround and tiled showers. The three different 12 inch tiles will be cut and used as 4 inch wide strips at the top of the shower and tub surround. As you can see all selections are earth tone. I have included in the pic the vanity door, vanity top and the actual floor, tube and shower tile. Also is a small square of the black & tan granite for the kitchen countertop. If you have a choice or opinion I would love to hear it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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They're all lovely! But given that you are going to cut them into 4 inch wide strips, I would pick the elongated tiles on the far left, which would be more striking yet still subtle because of the colors.

But that's just me!

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No question too trivial for GWers to express an opinion about. LOL!

I agree with mayberry. I like the elongated tiles on the left best. The sample on the right is too greyish/cool looking for your warm-toned tile and counter tops. The other two samples warm-toned and, at least on my computer, seem to have about the same overall color values and proportions of light to dark. But the longer thinner strips just seem more elegant. Six rows of those thinner elongated tiles should produce a calming horizontal effect while I think the four rows of the 1x2s might seem a tad blocky and heavy feeling.

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Another vote for the elongated ones, for the same reasons as Mayberry and Bevangel. I also really like the center tiles, but I'd prefer seeing those used in more mass. I'm afraid they might be a bit blah as an accent.

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Another vote for the first selection! Number two is my second pick.

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I would recommend not using dark colors in a shower enclosure or tub. It not only shrinks the sense of light and space, it is difficult to keep it clean of soap residue.

I like to keep such enclosures simple, bright and free of graphic accents that can get old fast.

I didn't design this shower but it is a good example of how to make a small enclosure seem larger but add some texture for interest and less maintenance.

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