Glass Ceiling Fixture Won't Come Clean

PhillytizzaDecember 6, 2011

I've tried using BonAmi and soaking it in bleach overnight, but the brown stains won't come out of it! It is not frosted glass, it looks like maybe it's been painted and then baked, the parts that are supposed to be white look almost like milk glass. Does anybody have any ideas on what to try next?

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I have doubts that you will ever get it to the color you want, but you might try Softscrub with Bleach. Or a steel wool pad.

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The brown stuff "may" be grease from your kitchen. Any good grease cleaner. Dawn dishwashing liquid comes to mind.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I tried Barkeeper's Friend, made into a paste and left on for about 30 minutes, and it worked like a charm! I guess it was rust!

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Glad it worked! I have two kinds of BKF. The powder and the liquid kind. Great on stainless steel. It's "active" ingredient is oxalic acid.

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