how do I clean a greasy floor?

honugirlDecember 15, 2011

My tenant mopped the laminate and tile flooring with a mixture of bleach and Pine-sol and it has left a greasy film.

Why she thought using Pine-sol (I didn't know they still sell that stuff) on flooring is beyond me. It has a sticky feel to it.

What can I do to remove this greasy film?

Thank you so much in advance.

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If it is simply Pine-Sol residue, I would start with mopping with plain water. Try a spot and see if this works.

I suspect, however, that after cleaning, she may have applied some sort of floor shine to the laminate.

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I have a bottle of Pine-Sol and looked at it, the floor cleaning "recipe" is 1/4 cup per gallon water, no need to rinse. Or if used full strength, you need to rinse with water. Pine-Sol is made to clean floors(among other things), no big deal there. I don't know what would be the greasy film. What I don't get is mixing together bleach and Pine-sol, that could even be toxic? UGH! I would think that a couple moppings with some warm, clean water should remove any film left behind.

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Mop the floor with strong vinegar water to remove the sticky residue. Rinse well.

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