Can you polish or hone marble after installation ?

lilloMay 1, 2013

I am thinking , if I go with polished marble on the floor and seal it , can I polish it or hone it later on to remove etching or scratches ?

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Can we do that in the shower too?

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We had a 20 year old polished Italian marble floor refinished and this took out all scratches and etches. Unfortunately, the toilet bowl cleaner already made some new etches but you can definitely repolish a marble floor. I do not know about honing later.

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Thank you annemouse , this is what I wanted to hear . Do you know how much it costed you to repolish it ?

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You can use a powdered honing substance.

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You can "hone" with white vinegar. It goes really fast, like a minute to really cut the shine. Get similar marble pieces to try.

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Thank you threeapples and attofarad for your feedbacks .i was looking into honing as a solution to remove etches and scratches from used marble . I believe your two described methods wan't do thar . So this is my new question , is there a different method of honing that will take care of etches and scratches ?

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Marble can be brought in either direction post-installation, honed-to-polished, or polished-to-honed.

If this is DIY, going from honed-to-polished really isn't practical.

Polished to honed is though. I don't recommend using an acid, it's too much of a wild card so to speak. If you have an random oribital sander, get some 600-grit wet/dry paper and have at it. Don't press hard, let the sander and the paper do the work. The grit may fill with marble, you can use a brush to clean it. As your grit wears, change the paper.

The goal is to get an even covering of 600-grit scratches on the surface.

Just go over everything equally, take your time, and you'll get an even matte sheen. And you'll save yourself the $6-$8 a sqft cost that a stone technician might charge.

Honed is more porous than polished, so don't forget to seal afterwards.

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Thank you mongoct for the information . I am not really that handy neither my husband is , to do such a job . I will be scared to death to ruin it . I was just thinking about that as a solution to cover the scratches and etches , should we come to sell the house . I want to install something that I will not need to replace at that time .

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That is a great question and it is one the great characteristics of a marble floor.

Marble can be polished from a honed finish to a deep high polish if you with.

If your floor is already polished and you want a change, you can hone it.

It is best to hire a marble restoration contractor to do this work for you, they have the experience and equipment to do this right.

Here is a link that might be useful: samples of marble honing and polishing

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