Shark Steam Mop

zipsterDecember 2, 2007

I just posted about the Bissell machine. I bought the Shark for my daughter for Christmas and after being so upset with the Bissell decided I would try her present on my tile floors. I am sold on it. I've read all the posts on the Shark and I have to agree with everyone that loves it. There was really steam and my floors came out great. I quickly got online and ordered 2 more. One for my daughter and one for my grandaughter for Christmas presents. Target had them with free shipping.

Now a question about washing the pad. Do you use bleach on it? I washed it in the sink with Dawn but when it dried it was still not white.

Thanks, Rosemary

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Don't use bleach with mine. It will just get dirty again. I wouldn't worry about it. But you might want to invest in getting more pads as I can see where mine will be getting worn out fast from using them so much! LOL!

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The directions say not too bleach.

Ree: and all the rest of you who helped me. Hubby and I both love the Shark Steam mop. Our floors are great. Almost like new except for some grout. He did do them really well once first for hopefully the last time with a mop before he used the Shark but it still got up more.

Thanks, C.

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Try washing the pads in the washing machine. I have lots of extras so I can save up several dirty ones to wash at once. Just put in laundry soap and use hot water. (If they can handle steam, hot water shouldn't hurt) I wouldn't use bleach. They'll stain, but they won't be dirty.

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They have the Shark Steam mop on sale this week at Kohls for $79.99.
Also, where is everyone getting their extra pads? I bought my Shark at Sears, and it only came with 2 pads. Would love a few extras.

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I just ordered the Shark steam mop online from Bed Bath & Beyond. Every place else was sold out. It doesn't come with extra pads either and I will need to get additional pads as well. Also, a question about Scunci portable steamer-did they discontinue this? Online sites want to sell the new Rainbow instead. Anybody know of the Rainbow? Or how about the Shark Euro Pro?? Any help, please? I need a powerful one with continuous steam preferably.

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I posted my message in another thread but that one reached its limit and couldn't have any follow up postings. So I am posting my message here: does anyone know whether I can use the steam mop on unglazed tile floor? Thanks!

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Saw your message on unglazed floors and would be afraid to say. I would think it would work fine, but only a guess.

I was the first to change the thread as I hit the end and wanted to let everyone know how much we love the Shark.

Also, if anyone does get the extra carpet ring and not want it I am still trying to get one. Have not found the extra pads any place other than the Shark web site. It appears that is the only place they are currently available.


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Has anyone used bleach in the mop itself to clean tile floors and grout?

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i saw extra pads today at lowes and at target when i was out-try there-i love my shark as well-does a great job and smells clean even with just water

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oh geez..I am so glad I read this before you broke your mop! This mop is only designed to use water..never put anything in it except plain water..never :)

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Uh oh. After reading the replies I was thinking about buying one for myself, so I did a quick web search in it and found these comments.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reviews on steam mop

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I just read the reviews above. I would like to share, I love steam cleaning, I feel it does efficiently clean and sanitize...the key is, to find the right one. I bought the "new and improved" shark mop and I was not happy with it at all..they should of left it alone,,the old one was much better and I was sick when it went ka-put..they weren't making it any longer..until the new one came out. Mine didn't leak..I found it was very hard to push..the steam wasn't continuous and it "pumped" the steam out as you pushed the mop back and sits in my closet. I want to buy the lady bug professional steamer..but it is very expensive..I was considering the Haan steam is the link below

I also want to share Shark CS is horrible to deal with.

Here is a link that might be useful: Haan steam mop

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What do they cost? Haan didn't give any prices. We're laying ceramic tile in the kitchen and foyer, so I'm going to call their customer service and ask if I can use steam on them. I hope I can, I hate regular mopping!

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you can use steam on tile.. I am not sure of the cost, I just saw them on tv..they are having some kind of special.. I caught the very end of it and did not catch the price.. when you call ask them what was the deal they had on tv...let me know!

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I saw the infomercial for Haan -- it looked really promising but the reviews are not very good.

My sister has a Bissel. It works ok but the pad ends up so wet that what you really doing is mopping with the wet pad.

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Dont use bleach. its too hard for the microfibers. also I read up and it says to wash in gentle cycle putting your pads in a pillow case because the micro fibers will pick up all the tiny lint and DONT use powder because of the microfiber. As for drying either hang dry for 24 hours, or low tumble.
Hope this helps, cleaning house has never been so EASY! :)

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I have haan multi steam mop. It works really nice. Don't need to use chemical as well!!

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I was very interested in trying one of these, however, I read somewhere that they were bad for laminate flooring.

I think it was a magazine article, but I can't recall where I read it.

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My Sharp steam mop lasted just over six months. Living in Central Florida, we have very hard water. After every second use, we had to clean it with vinegar. After six months of use, it just stopped steaming. We tried cleaning it with 100% vinegar, but it didn't work. We dumped it. We finally went and bought a Hoover Floormate. We have tile floors, and the pergo wood floors through out most of the house. Love the Floormate. It vacuums, washes and then dries. Most times we skip the vacuuming, and use dust mop to pick up the dogs hair (have two dogs who shed like crazy). Washing in sections and then drying is a breeze. Should have bought this years ago, instead of wasting money on these steam machines.

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I only use distilled water in my Shark Steam Mop and my tank Shark. The tank is 7-years old and the mop is 5, and one or the other gets used each week, and I've never had a problem with them clogging, and have never had to clean them with vinegar.

I make distilled water in our 1-gallon counter-top distiller and it costs 21-cents per gallon for electricity (checked with a Watt-A-Meter). The distilled water is also used in the humidifiers in the winter and the counter-top ice maker in the summer.


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