cleaning micro-suede upholstery

kaliDecember 31, 2005

Is there anything special I need to know? The first time we had our furniture professionally cleaned, I had to swear not to hold the cleaners responsible for rings, water stains, etc. They didn't have much experience with this fabric, and were loathe to do the job. After cleaning it, they even refused to stainguard the furniture!

Everything came out fine, but a year down the road, we've got some spots we'd like to clean. I always understood that this type of fabric was very durable and easy to clean. Can i just use a regular carpet/upholstery cleaning machine for the job?

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I've never cleaned micro-suede but in cleaning other upholstery with a machine you must get good water extraction. I've even gone over the furniture as it is drying with a blow dryer to bring up the nap and decrease the chances of a water spot.

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I just use a wet cloth, or a little soap on the cloth for bad stains. You're post reminded me that there are a couple of pen marks on my micro-suede sofa that I've been meaning to try to get out. I just scrubbed them with a wet micro-fiber cloth and it looks like they are gone...I'll have to wait until the spots dry to be sure.

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I just spilled lemon oil on a micro suade chair. Any ideas on how to clean it?

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Our cat had a hairball on our micro fiber loveseat overnight. Any ideas how to clean without leaving stain?

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I have a micro fiber sofa and loveseat that I love. They promised me at the store that it was stain resistant. It was not. I used the fabric cleaner they supplied, and then used a hair dryer to carefully dry the area afterwards with mixed results. Then we got a new cat who thought it was fun to scratch the fabric with her claws. Charming. Meanwhile, the fabric, which was a light tan, was starting to get somewhat darker and dirty looking. I had to be careful not to leave newspaper on it because i was afraid it would transfer. The ultimate cleaning solution? I bought slipcovers, transferred the sofa and love seat to the kids gameroom upstairs, and brought down the very expensive leather furniture and chenille accent chairs to the living room. Why should they have the good furniture anyways? Since then I have not really visited the furniture. I really don't want to know if something has gotten dumped on it and gone through the slipcover!

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I use my steam carpet, upholstery cleaner with Era laundry soap, oxy clean, spray it on, scrub lightly then suck up the water.. I do the couch and love seat when I shampoo the carpets. When I do not have Era I add a little lemon cleaner to it... leaves no stains or residue. Then while shamooing next room I turn on the fan to dry the couch..

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I had a micro suede couch and was told to just use mineral water on a cloth and gently clean the soiled area and pat it dry

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DD put her cushion covers in the wash. Took out all the spots.

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That micro-fiber is tough!
I have used the Spot Shot product, paste of oxyclean, and my shampooer with the up. attachment. Great results will all three.
It CAN take the cleaning.

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Marcia Thornley

Read the label & cleaning instructions on the piece of furniture. Some can be cleaned with an extractor but some say to dry clean only!
Most upholstery cleaners won't touch a piece without seeing a label first. Use water with caution. You may end up with a water stain that is worse than the original stain.

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