Fall Curio Cabinet

phonegirlSeptember 26, 2012

I had seen this cabinet on CL last Thurs. night and showed it to DH and mentioned is was a good buy and I could sure use more storage for glasses. On Sat. he asked me if I had called on it. I said 'No', I've been working so didn't bother. I thought what the heck, ran to the phone right then and called. She was working but still had it! We ran down and picked it up on Sunday.

After getting it set up, it hit me that I didn't have alot of fall left to decorate it with! I used what I could find around here and it filled up. No plate rails inside which was a little disappointing but I can live w/o them I guess.

Just what I need, something else to change out in my spare time, right?LOL


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Wonderful new Curio, Punk.
It looks like it has space for storage on the bottom.
You have a nice selection of Fall and Thanksgiving pieces in there.
It was sweet of your DH to encourage you to get it.
I'm always amazed at what you do in your spare time.

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What a great find!!
How wonderful of DH to encourage you. Mine would never....rofl
You filled it with so many nice pieces and it'll be great to see future changes to.
As for the plate rails,it would be fairly easy to put some in. Since they are glass shelves, small wooden strips stained to match and held in place by velcro strips would work in a pinch without doing any damage do the piece :).

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That's a beautiful cabinet. Did your DH happen to ask where the "glassware" is? LOL You sure had a lot more fall items and they filled it up just great. Luvs

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Thanks Nana, I haven't put anything in the bottom. I had forgot they were there.Hmmmm You wouldn't be amazed if you seen me lately with my knee wrapped every day. It was just getting better and I twisted wrong and blew it out again. I don't have time for this in my life but it sure has slowed me down.

MM, thanks, your right, one could add plate railings with wood and use velcro.thanks I have two others that I rarely share that I should use to decorate. They have 2 shelves with plate rails.

Luvs, I didn't give DH a chance to mention glasses. I told him I wanted to try to decorate it before filling it full.LOL I have a new set of glasses that has been sitting behind his recliner for months now. I better get them moved pretty soon or I'll be in big trouble.

Thanks ladies. DH has really stepped up to the plate in alot of ways the last few years. Guess he's a keeper for sure now. It will be our 39th anniversary this December. MM, only time.....


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Oh Punk I love your curio cabinet! I have been keeping my eye out for one just like it on our Craigslist! I too want to use mine for glasses but I would bet the same thing would happen to me LOL! No glasses to be seen in it LOL. I love all of your Fall decor and it all looks right at home in your new treasured piece :-)

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Marlene Kindred

What a pretty curio cabinet! And, of course, you filled it to the brim with the coolest stuff! Love all of it. I'm always amazed at how much decorating you girls do and always wonder where the heck you store it from season to season. Anyway, looks like a great find and you've done another great job at decorating Punk!

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"After getting it set up, it hit me that I didn't have alot of fall left to decorate it with!" LOL, looking at all the stuff you found to use, its a good thing you didn't have a lot left. ;o) I want to come shopping at your house one of these days!

I'm thinking that looks an awful lot like one of my curios!! Will have to pull up the photo of mine and show you. I'm also thinking you probably have as many china cabs and curios as I do (12).
LOL. And stuff stored cause we "have no place to put it".

Congratulations on this lovely curio, and as usual, its decorated wonderfully.
hugs, Karen

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Kath, hope you get your curio cab. too. I have way to many sets of glasses for just one so....I'm not going to worry about it until after I have fun decorating for the holidays with it this year.

Marlene, I have a lg kitchen with lots of cabinets, a shed, and 4 china cabinets to store goodies. If I ever get to retire you will see so much more decorating from me. Right now I'm to busy with work enjoying DGD and kids to fit any more in.LOL

Karen, you can come shopping at my house if I can come shopping at yours! I love seeing all your beautiful things. I only have 5 so guess I have alot more shopping to do to catch up to you! I have lg bedroom sets so don't have much more room in our home for more.

Thanks for all the sweet comments. Hope everyone gets their fall decor up and shares pictures soon. I'm pretty laid up with my knee so need lots of inspiration pictures to help pass my sitting time. I've never been one to sit for very long and this is so not me.Sigh


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What a lovely find, punk! & hugs to your DH for the encouragement & making it happen! I kind of LOL, too...like Karen above at your comment, "After getting it set up, it hit me that I didn't have alot of fall left to decorate it with!"

Looks like you're going to have fun changing out this one...beautiful! Is it anywhere near your tea cart? Take good care of that knee...Jeanne S.

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Great find Punk...good thing DH gave you that extra little
'nudge' to get it...bless his heart!!
Gee I looked real hard, but I didn't see any glasses in it! lol..and as far as
NOT having too much Fall stuff left..
WOW..you sure 'managed' pretty well with what little you had left !! lol
Great display.. I can tell already, that cabinet is going to get quite a
workout with all the holidays to come...

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LOL, Punk, here's my curio in the living-room (along with "Trouble" on top who'd been napping). I got mine about 6 yrs ago from a furniture store.

hugs, Karen

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Found your long-lost 'twin' ... purplemoon & punk! Beautiful cabinets! ;-) Jeanne S.

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Jeanne and Jane, thanks so much for your sweet comments as always. I don't know what I was thinking, I still have things in the garage for fall. I wonder if I'll ever get it all together.LOL

OMGoodness Karen, I bought one just like yours w/o trouble on top!!! What are the chances this would happen? I've seen others I like too but I'm always working so can't run to see them. Probably a good thing, I'm really not trying to catch up to you.LOL


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Lovely new hutch! Am envious of a DH who would encourage you to buy more. Mine is always telling me I need to get rid of stuff--that I have too much! I really need more storage, but don't see it happening in the near future. I love seeing all your pics. You and the other gals are so talented and special. TFS

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Fantastic hutch and I can't believe that you got one exactly like PM's! (well, sans 'trouble' ;^)

Punk, I wish they sold stuff like this on our local CL -- or that you would shop for me! lol!

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