vacuum cleaner recommendation please

naturelleDecember 30, 2005

I'm looking for a recommendation for a vacuum cleaner. I removed all of the carpets, and have finished hardwood flooring and ceramic tile. I will want facility for upholstery and window coverings.

I have owned many units, including the stick ones, and mostly canisters, generally the utiliarian ones like Eureka, Beaumark, Hoover.. I read cupajoe's post and the replies with interest. I had considered some of the units commented on, mainly because the prices seemed attractive for the advertised supposed attributes. Names like Shark Euro, Fanthom, Lightning, Hoover this and that, etc. However, I can see these moderately priced units also reflect the performance and longevity, or lack of same.

I never had a bagless or a "hepa" unit before, but I'm thinking I would like to go in this direction. I see my old units released a lot of dust into the air, and I have sinus and respiratory problems. As I looked deeper into this, I see vacuum cleaners like Filter Queen, Electrolux, Rainbow and such are supposedly the cadillacs, but these units new are way beyond what I would want to pay. However, I do want a reliable, good performing unit, and will pay for good quality that will last. I am not hard on the equipment, as I am not a clean freak, so a goosd unit should last several years.

I'm considering buying an used, fully reconditioned units of those top line names. I could get them for around $200-$400 (for originally priced units up to $2000), which I would pay at Sears, Walmart for an Eureka, anyways. These would come with up to 4 year warrantees, and the service is locally available.

I've only just became aware of the water filtration types, and they seem to make sense. I would prefer a good filtration system, but would not want to be stuck paying exorbitant prices for replacing proprietary filters or bags, and I do not know if this is a problem with these premium units.

So, I wonder if I can get some recommendations as to actual brands and models of these units, I should look for.

I've seen a red Filter Queen, a blue Filter Queen, Rainbow knock-offs, various Electroluxes, but am not familiar with the respective attributes or problematic limitations of the various models.

Thanks for your help.

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I have a rainbow that I purchased used off of ebay 4 yrs. ago. I think I may have given $250-300. I absolutely love how well it cleans!

However, I am thinking about purchasing a cheap vacuum for quick clean up. I have a toddler and 2 dogs. It aggravates me because you have to fill the water basin up and then clean it out every time you use it.

I have tried my moms kirby and it seems to work well--I am still sold on Rainbows filtration. Even though the water part is a pain, I must say it cuts down on me having to dust!

Good Luck on your decision!

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Heather, I always liked the idea of the water filtration system, but you bring up a good point about the need to fill and empty the water, before and after use. Am I right in assuming there is no replacement filters required.

I'm looking at a couple of Filter Queens at this time. It's alarmng how much these units cost, so I could consider them, only if they are used and reconditioned.

The alternative is to pay big bucks anyways and end up with dust spewing, ineffective, flimsey units.

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I've become a huge believer in the Windsor Sensor vacuums. They are pretty obscure to home-owners because they are a commercial quality vacuum used by hotels like Marriott, Hilton, etc... I owned the Sensor S12 and just upgraded to the XP12. The XP12 "senses" the kind of floor you're on and adjusts itself to that kind of floor. It's VERY cool! It's got several filters, has a wand that detaches and lets you get high and low spots, and lays down really flat to go under beds, coffee tables, etc... It's quiet and really powerful. I love it!

I've been chastised by some users here for posting links to places I buy stuff, so if you're interested in where I got my vacuums e-mail me separately and I'll let you know. Or ask me on this posting list and I'll reply to the post but no one can say I just posted it out of the blue!

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I have had it with the new machines,in the low price field, anyway.

Why not buy used ??

A four year old quality vehicle is the same price as a new low quality one, even cheaper..
For a long time I have been buying used.

But a vacuum has no allure of style( to me, anyway) , little of new useful features( as do cars), so I would think that people hold on to the good ones until they are completely worn out, or they pass them down to their children.
I would only pass down a Hoover or Dirt Devil to the trashman's kids !!

So, the hunt continues tomorrow...

BTW, the best is the whole house system, 99.9 % of the dust ( and the noise) is blown outdoors, where it belongs..

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If you are willing to pay $400 and as you say have removed all your carpets and want attachments and great filtration I would recommend you purchase a Miele Sirius. These are only sold instore at select dealers. It has one of the best SEALED Hepa fitration systems, a top notch floor brush, it's compact & lightweight and comes with attachments. All for around $400 NEW!

Rainbow-not the great filtration it's advertised to have. Messy clean-up. Unreliable repair record

Electrolux-Won't have any better filtration than the units you have complained about. Ungainly canister. New Electrolux Machines are really EUREKA'S!

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Hyla reminds me of Rainbow in its use of water for filtration.

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Actually, I ended up buying a used Filter Queen Majestic, shortly after I posted this thread. It was totally reconditioned by a trained technician and looked like new. It came with a limited warranty and all the accessories and extra filters. I'm quite pleased with it. It has multiple filters. You can see the quality in these products, and I'm sure the other makes are the same.

I would not have been prepared to pay $800 and up for a new vacuum of this quality, so this was a good alternative.


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Don't get a Dyson. I've had one for 4 years. My 2 year old carpet looked worn out already and last Friday the Dyson broke down. I took it to the repair shop--the bill was going to be $150. I said forget it! We have a long haired dog and the salesman recommended a Riccar 12 volt. We also bought the attachments for a total of about $600. It totally re-newed the worn looking carpet--it looks almost new again. It had so much more suction than the Dyson we couldn't believe what a difference it made. Our carpet looks awesome!

We should replace the bag frequently (especially with our long dog hair) and they run $2/bag. The store gave us 13 for free along with 2 extra belts and taught us how to change the belts.

I've only used it twice, but so far, I'm really pleased!

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I may be wrong but isn't it kind of overkill to buy such expensive, heavy duty vacuums when you have no carpet?

I have carpet and extensive hardwood in my kitchen, hallway and foyer. I use a $30 cannister vac from Walmart and a dustmop to clean the hardwood.

I've come to the conclusion that uprights stink on hard floors and are only good for carpets.

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It is not "overkill" to make an expensive purchase of a vacuum cleaner. What is "overkill" is purchasing an upright when you only have floors.

There are alot of good quality canister vacuum cleaners out there to choose from. A cheap $30 vacuum cleaner may be all that you need, for the time being. There are other things to consider in a vacuum purchase like reliability, performance, features, ease of use. A $30 vacuum cleaner is not going to be the same as a $100 vacuum or a $150 vacuum.

An example would be that many more expensive models would have better attachments than the ones for your brand of vacuum cleaner.

When looking for a vacuum cleaner, do not look at the price. Look at how you can get the best vacuum cleaner that you will feel comfortable with using through the years.

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I have sensitivity to dust . The filter system in many vacuum cleaners are not adequate to filter the debris and microscopic dust particles before it enters the motor/turbine and is ejected out of the machine. This dust just re-enters the air space and is blown about as airbourne pollutants and pathogens.

My priority was to find a vacuum cleaner with a very good filtration system, such a hyperfiltration, water filtration, etc. The used Filter Queen I purchased has three levels of filtration, and I am very happy with it.


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The Hoover UH30010COM is actually a Riccar with the Hoover name on it. American made machine that is actually the same as a Riccar SL3, great lightweight for carpet. SL4 does carpet and flooring

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Eh? The UH30010COM is a new design which bares little resemblance to the Riccar (other than the fact they are both "lightweight" vacuums).

The Hoover is also made in Mexico, not the U.S.

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You are absolutely correct, the picture I looked at wasnt real clear and I mistook it for the Hoover that was made by Riccar.

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Yes, the new Hoover is completely different from the previous model Hoover liteweight upright. Matter of fact, the previous Hoover model was not a Riccar, but was another Tacony brand. It did not last long, because TTI acquired Hoover and came out with their own design, the U4707-900.

The new Hoover Platinum bagged upright is very good at carpet cleaning. It does a better job of cleaning than the previous Clean n' Light. The bags are going to be costly for a mass market/big box brand. BTW, the vacuum is made in China and not Mexico.

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> BTW, the vacuum is made in China and not Mexico

I'll give you that on the lightweight (bagged) vacuum (it is), but the bagless cyclonic as well as the carpet deep cleaner Platinum models are made in Mexico. I was just looking at them the other day. :)

I can't say one way of the other for the cordless (Linx) unit.

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I've had the Rainbow for three or four years. I love it and hate it. Takes much longer for dust to collect if I clean with Rainbow so no matter what anyone says about it not filtering well, they're wrong. But it IS a PAIN to use! I did buy the extra long wet/dry hose and I can get on a ladder and get high places, top of cupboards, ceiling fans etc. I really only get it out to do major cleaning. IT has its pros and cons as does any other vacuum I suppose.

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"Eh? The UH30010COM is a new design which bares little resemblance to the Riccar (other than the fact they are both "lightweight" vacuums).

The Hoover is also made in Mexico, not the U.S".

We were talking about the Hoover Lightweight bagged upright.

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I have THREE Dysons - the DC 41 "Animal", the lightweight cannister for my stairs and hardwood, and the cordless one for everything else. That's how much I LOVE Dysons. Oh...and I have a whole house vaccum system in the new house I built 3 yrs ago. That's how much I love my Dysons.

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