Canister Vacuum Needs Help

illustrationsDecember 8, 2010


I have an old Montgomery Ward's Signature canister vacuum, model SP-316A, 9.7 Amp's. It still works, I have all the attachments, and the motor is quite strong. It is still in good condition. I can easily lift a basketball with it.

However, it now has a problem with the 20 foot power cord which is pulled out of the canister and is returned into the canister when finished. When the power cord is pulled out and stopped, I must hit the canister in the back or side to get the electrical contact inside to engage, otherwise the motor will not work. The rear of the canister is held on by 3 Philips screws. If I were to completely pull out the power cord and remove the 3 screws, would I be able to pull out the rear of the unit and at least clean and oil whatever electrical contacts are there?

Because of its age, the unit is really not worth taking to a repairman. If I cannot repair the unit myself, I'm pretty much stuck with it the way it is or buying another unit.

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Can't hurt to try. I would remove the screws and take a look.

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From what you are saying, I know what model you have. You will not be able to access the power cord winder through the plastic part, on the back of the vacuum cleaner. What you will have to do is access the cord from the inside. You will have to open the lid and remove the inside cover. There you will find the cord winder.

You should also check the cord for short or loose wiring through the vacuum.

Cord winders are no longer available, for that model, but that does not have to be a problem. What you may have to do is solder ends, replace cord, reconnect wires, etc. The cord winder sounds fine, at this point. Your job is to locate the point where it is not connecting.

If you cannot do any repairs, take it to a repairman that will do the repairs. Oiling or lubing will not solve the problem.

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