Curio w/ Fall Pumpkins

christmascandySeptember 24, 2010

This is my curio cabinet changed to fall w/ my pumpkin decor. I have to open the doors because the glass causes the flash to reflect and nothing shows up!

I have collected the items for a few years. Some are TS and some from HL. There are 2 pumpkin covered dishes from Dollar Tree (fall 07) and now I see them in the TS and they are asking anywhere from $3.99 to $5.99 for them!!

Sometimes the pricing in the TS is way off base. I have seen items with the price tag still on them and the TS price is higher than the original price! Whats up with that??

Needless to say, I don't buy those.



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That setting is so pretty, Candy. I love the way that swag draws you right to the whole setting. The green in your curtains and chair is right up my alley.

I know what you mean about Dollar Tree showing up elsewhere for more...last time I was in the antique mall I saw some there! LOL. (actually some of the booths have giftware that's current but still, it surprised me to see dollar stuff there and marked $4-$5.)

hugs, Karen

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Impressive display Candy..
You've colleced quite few nice pumpkins, and they look very pretty in your cabinet.
I like the shape of the teapot one on the top shelf.
If you can take another pic...I'd love to see them up close.

I've come across the same experience with pricing TS pricing..finding a original tag for lower and priced higher for the TS.. Even at GW!! I don't know what they're thinking is.


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Your cabinet is a great place to display all your pumpkin items, looks very festive and pretty. Luvs

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Oooooo. You are lucky to have such a nice cabinet to display collected items. The orange pumpkins really jump out at you.

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Elegance! Beautiful cabinet, candy...& a beautiful display of pumpkin clutter there (& no dust!)& perfect with all that glass to view you collection. I'm impressed! Just downright beautiful. TFS! Jeanne S.

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All the beautiful orange pumpkins in one place is really eye-catching & a beautiful display. Nicely done!

I've seen the same thing with TS pricing, the few times I've been in GW, they must think we're stupid!

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That's quite the collection and very nicely displayed!

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This is my second post the one I sent this morning didn't go through.You did such a nice job displaying your pumpkins. It looks so festive and cheerful. I can't wait to see if you do something for Christmas! I know TS stands for Thrift Store but is it a chain? I thought Thrift Stores
were local stores run by churches or other nonprofits.

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Thanks everybody!
Ironically. the curio cabinet is one I bought for my oldest daughter to display her Precious Moments collection. Her decor changed once she got married and had a family and she gave it back to me. I change the decor for the seasons, and really enjoy having it.

NanaKaren, I use TS for any thrift store as I go to GoodWill, ARC, Salvation Army, Family Thrift, and a local one called Unique. It is just my generic term for any thrift store.

Jane, I will take a picture and post it for you.

I hesitate to post too much as I don't want anyone to think I am monopolizing the boards.


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Candy....MONOPOLIZE all you want. I think its safe to say we LOVE your decorating!! I can hardly wait to see you turned loose here at Christmas, as I know that will be something to feast our eyes and senses on!

hugs, Karen

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It is lovely! Great collection !

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Candy, what a wonderful pumpkin collection. Now I know what your last post about Jane wanting to see the teapost up closer was about. After seeing all your teapots, I think we could all come over and join you. Will you need help making the cookies for all of us?LOL

Keep posting and I'll keep enjoying.


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Punk, wouldn't that be fun!!
I'd gladly whip up a large batch of cookies, but it has to be with tea, or hot spiced cider, because I don't drink coffee!!

Get on the bus everybody!!


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Me tooooooo....I love cookies and don't drink coffee...
Your cabinet is beautiful...lucky you getting it back! If anything ever gets to my DD's house, I never see it again unless she shows it on her blog :^)
Thanks for showing us your punkin' patch!

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How wonderful to have a curio cabinet that you can display things in seasonally like that, Candy! It's lovely and so Autumnish to have them grouped together,as you do. I'm with everybody else here in saying that we LOVE your posts and always look forward to seeing what that extremely creative mind of yours comes up with!

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Darn it, Candy, each time I look at your picture of the curio it makes me want to empty one of mine (full of dog statues) and use it for seasonal stuff. Next thing I know, you'll have me selling my dog collection on eBay. LOL.

I have used my huge Painted Pony cabinet the past two Christmases, but moving over 100 of those fragile ponies
and then putting them back is such a huge task for me with my gimpy body. It'd be easier to empty a curio or two tho.
I just never thought about it except for Christmas.
See what you've done!! LOL

hugs, Karen

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Yeah right, like any of us would ever actually part with anything!!LOL

As you have pointed out, we are great enablers on here!!
Glad I could be of help, LOL again!!

Be sure to post pictures if you do.


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