30" Pro Style Vent Hood - To Vent Back and Down

atct86May 12, 2014

I have a tricky situation in terms of installing a vent hood over a 30" Wolf Range. It is possible for me to go up, through the cabinet, and then 90 degrees out the back wall. However, it would be much better if the vent hood could vent from the rear, and then down into my basement, and to the outside wall.

I was originally planning on a Wolf hood, but do not feel like spending $2k+. I have seen a few models on eBay, and the Z-Line hoods mentioned here.

Does anyone have any recommendations for my venting scenario? An external, or inline fan would also work.

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As long as the tortuous basement path is not very restrictive, then an appropriate in-line or external blower should be able to handle it. While hot effluent wants to rise, it cannot compete with the 1000 ft/min velocity that should exist in the ducting.


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I agree with kaseki... a remote blower strong enough with sufficient and proper ducting, won't care if it's pulling air up, down, or sideways

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Are any 30x24x18 pro style hoods available with a remote blower? All I see is Wolf/Viking, which is more than I would like to spend.

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I believe makes one that has many different configurations - http://www.broan.com/products/product/267db124-2f29-4375-8259-a95fa22db67a

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Interesting, that Broan model is priced about right.

Is 600CFM enough? What are the pros and cons to an external, in-line, or internal blower?

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I'd say for a 30" range, even a powerful one like Wolf, 600 is fine. In my opinion the only time you may need more than that is if you are doing a HUGE pro style range, and you'd definitely want more than that if you're going to be doing indoor grilling. Otherwise, greater CFM means greater costs, greater noise, greater makeup air, and no benefits.

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Some of my sizing comments in the message


apply here, as do elements of hundreds of previous postings that may be searched out.


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