Best toilet for small space

kinshasaMay 3, 2012

I need to replace the 22 year old toilet in a small bathroom.

It has a stall shower and the bathroom is not used regularly. My daughter uses it when she visits from out of state a few times a year. In other words this does not have to be top of the line!

Does anyone have experience with Kohler Wellworth? It was suggested to get a toilet with a round, not elongated, seat to save space. Thanks for any suggestions.

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There are 2 styles of Kohler Wellworth--the classic (model# K-3577) and the new (model# K-3997). We opted for the new Wellworth as it has a more updated style to it. We've been happy so far. The other thing to consider is if you will go comfort height or standard height. The round seat will save space. Most other ladies I've talked to are fine with round seats--it's usually the men who like the elongated, so you should be just fine since its the bath your DD uses.

Hope this helps!

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Our master bath is 4'4 by 6'10. The smallest, best-reviewed toilet I found is the Toto Eco Supreme - we have been very happy with it.

I forget which website I bought it from but it was only about half of Toto's list price.

Here is a link that might be useful: toto eco supreme

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I plan to get the Toto "Promenade� Toilet, Round Bowl - 1.6 GPF - SanaGloss�". It has the G-max flushing system. The style is traditional. It comes with a round bowl and 26.25" depth. I have a small bathroom and need to consider the reach out into the room. I looked up the Toto Supreme and it looks like it has an elongated bowl. These typically are 28" deep. But it has a nice narrow tank, so if side to side is an issue it would be nice.

Here is the Promenade specs:

I haven't ordered my toilet yet, but will soon. My plumber loves Toto's.

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I installed the Toto Promenade in my skinny bathroom. It was the shortest I could find wall to front of the bowl and still be comfort height. I would have liked something a little more modern looking but it is a wonderful toilet and worked well in my small space.

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You can get Toto Supreme with a round bowl.

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Thanks for the replies. We have Toto Drakes in our other two bathrooms and love them. Eventually this third bathroom will be remodeled. It is low priority. I'll probably get the Wellworth. I can't see spending beaucoup bucks for Toto for that bathroom.

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I installed the Toto Promenade in my son's bathroom a year and a half ago because it was one of only two toilets that were short enough from front to back to fit. I love the look, it looks right in our 70 year-old house. It flushes well and has never clogged but, unfortunately leaves skid marks that are hard to scrub off. I had wanted the Sanagloss finish but it's only available in white and I needed almond to match the existing tub. I recommend the ADA height and the soft-close lid.

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