Aluminum Stains On Glass Cooktop

nerdyshopperDecember 1, 2010

We have used a Whirlpool Glass-top cooktop for several years. it is light bisque colored and now seems to have gotten permanent stains on one burner. My wife and I have tried using the white cooktop abrasive, a Mr. Clean magic eraser and a razor blade scraper to no avail. The grey stains won't come off. I am wondering if anyone has found a way to clean stuff that won't injure the glass top. I think it might be a soft aluminum popcorn popper that did this, so aluminum cleaners might work but we are afraid the abrasive will damage the surface.

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Try Barkeeper's Friend. Chances are, it will work.

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Actually, I think the color and patten of a glass cooktop is on the surface and my cleaning efforts actually have removed enough to look like dirt. I don't think any thing else can be done, but I welcome suggestions.

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