What can we expect to feel with new shower fixtures?

dibgarMay 18, 2012

At this point our master shower plan calls for a 5-inch fixed showerhead and a 4-inch handheld. Both are in the Hansgrohe Raindance S series with 3 spray modes. For the valves we will be using the Hansgrohe I-Box and thermostatic trim with volume control and diverter.

Our existing showerhead stared spraying erratically, so we decided to use this opportunity to "test drive" the model we have chosen. We will eventually replace the whole shower; but for now we bought just the handheld unit and hose and mounted it on our existing showerarm. It is mounted so that my husband can use it as if it was a fixed head and I use the handheld feature for a good rinse.

This "test drive" confirmed our choice of the Raindance S model. The 3 modes provide the right amount spray and pressure, at least now when the showerhead is attached to our 30-year old pipes and valves. I am wondering, however, what to expect once we attach this same handheld unit to the new valve and trim. Those will balance the pressure and control the temperature, but will they also alter the way the water feels when it comes out of the shower head? In other words, we like what we are feeling now, but will we be in for a surprise once everything else is in place? Unfortunately, we can not "test drive" the I-Box and trim in the same way that we could try out the showerhead.

Also, we like the way the 4-inch handheld feels. Will the 5-inch fixed head feel less powerful due to the larger diameter? Using the A/B/AB diverter, will we be able to use both fixed and handheld heads at the same time without a noticeable drop in pressure?

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In my new bathroom I have the exact same setup you will have. I didn't use the handheld previously to the remodel, but I'm not sure it will change much from your old to the new. As for your other questions -- The 5-inch overhead does feel less powerful. It still sprays well, and it IS in a larger diameter circle, but the spray is weaker - somewhere between what I imagine a rain shower and a normal showerhead would be...maybe more towards the "normal" side of things. I see absolutely no change in their original pressure when I turn them both on together. What does happen, though, is that for some reason my handheld (which is set to the "1" position, if that matters?) will get more of the hot water when both are on, and so there is a slight difference in temp between the two sources. It's not like a freezing/burning difference - it's still quite comfortable, just kind of strange.

Oh, and a note - we have excellent water pressure at my house. This might affect how the two sources function when running together.

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Thank you therenee.

My husband probably will not be happy if the 5-inch overhead fixture has a weaker spray which is why I am thinking of changing our original plan.

If possible, I would get a 4-inch for the overhead fixture, but there does not appear to be one in the same Raindance S model we are considering. There is one, but it is described as "green" with 2.0 GPM, so I imagine it also will feel less powerful than the regular 4-inch handheld that we are using for this trial. I need to check further to see if there are other options.

I'm glad to hear that you don't notice a difference in pressure when you turn both overhead and handheld fixtures on together. If we can use both fixtures are the same time without losing pressure, perhaps my husband will not mind if the 5-inch overhead is a little more "rainlike" than the handheld.

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No advice, but we are getting the same set up in our new master shower. Not built yet so no chance to try it out. Glad to hear you like it so far though!

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One other thing I can mention - we have the handshower on a slide bar, and it seems my husband has taken to using that exclusively when he showers. It's not even mounted as high as a normal showerhead would be, but I guess he doesn't care (he's 6 feet tall, you'd think he would). Maybe that's an option for you as well.

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