Scarecrows Came To Play Today

phonegirlSeptember 16, 2010

DD brought me this decorated Scarecrow on a bale today so decided to play with a table tonight. Started out with leaves and an extra pumpkin.

BTW, DH came by and was going to pick up my glass but then noticed all of them had fell over and quickly walked away w/o touching them. Seen I was watching and said "I was going to set that one back up. Did you do that on purpose?"

I had these 4 scarecrows DGD had brought in a bouquet last year so went and got them and stood them around.

Wasn't the look I wanted so ask DH to go cut the dowels off and set them on the table.

Still not the look I wanted but will leave it until DGD gets to see I used all the little scarecrows from her bouquet.

I painted this gourd for the gals on the painting forum. Guess who I thought of when I finished it? I thought it was a boy sc until I started gluing on the hair. Could be on Candy's beautiful purple table and fit right in.


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Punk, how totally cute...a Scarecrow dinner party! Your little DGD will really love seeing it. Its such a colorful,
happy table. Who wouldn't have fun sitting down to it!

I commented on the Painting Forum on your little Scarecrow Girl, but I have to say again that she just has the SWEETEST face I've seen on one!! What a doll she is. And who'd have thought a vase could become a body! You creative gals just blow me away with your ideas.

hugs, Karen

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The table is beautiful...scarecrows are one of my favorite decorations!! I have one that is a crow dressed up like a scare"crow"...too cute!!
Would those glasses be called "tipsy" ? ;^)

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What a pretty table, it looks very bountiful. The purple scarecrow is adorable, love the hat.

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Very creative, Punk! I really like how you've layered the dishes and then added the small gourd/pumpkin on top! Your GD is going to be thrilled to see how you've used the scarecrows.

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Punk, Can I come & Play??? ...what a Fun Table!
Let us know what your DGD thought.
I like your plates with the gourds in the middle..
and your little painted gourd is soooo cute.
I think your DGD will get a kick seeing how painted her and put her together!


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Karen, thanks again for all your sweet comments.

J, thanks, I can hardly wait to see your crow scarecrow. Sounds sooo cute. I think you hit it, the glasses are "tipsy." I seen this some where and thought it was kinda cute. Yes, I'm a copy cat and like different things.

Frou, glad you liked the table and scarecrow gal. I have so many hats in my crafts but this was the only one out at the time.

Lynn, I hope your right and DGD enjoys this little table with her sc's on it. The brown plates are Home, the white are Federal and the bowls are Target. The gourds were from TJ Maxx.

Jane, please come play. Try to be here tomorrow night for the party around 6. Maybe you can load the bus and you gals can shop on the way! I'm hoping I get to keep DGD all weekend. She will rearrange them several times I'm sure. This reminds me I need to move the treadmill I put in front of her kitchen before she see's it. It's been "Just For Looks" more than anything else! If I don't get my rear in gear, I won't be able to enjoy all the Christmas candy this year.Hum...


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I'll give a shout out to the gals here and tell them the 'Holiday Bus' will be rolling out..
Good idea to do some shopping along the know we don't need an excuse for that!
You're right I'm sure your DGD will fun setting up those Scarecrows this way and that..such a cute age.
Get the Treadmill going, you don't have much's ALL the goodies from Halloween right on to Christmas...
I feel the seems bursting as I write!!


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Your fall table is so cuddly. I want you to tell us your GD's comments when she first spotted the table.

I'm off to our local TJ Maxx to get some of those gourds. And I saw some little bales of hay at Michaels. Passed them up, but I can see I "need" them now.

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LOL, punk! I thought those "tipsy" glasses were that way so you could take a good pic of your centerpc vignette! Now I get it, "tipsy glasses," ugh!

I really like your plates & the napkins w/leaf...looking all very "Fallish!" Your GD's scarecrows sitting down look so cute...great idea to cut off the dowels!

Looks like you're all having lots of fun...will be joining in soon. TFS! Jeanne S.

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Punk, what an adorable and colorful table! Your GD's going to love it. I like the gourds in the bowls and the tipsy glasses.
Your painted scarecrow has a darling face it could almost be a precious moments figurine!!


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That is just adorable! What a happy table. Love the last scarecrow too!

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I just can't look at cute little scarecrow faces and not smile--and you have a whole tablefull of them! ;o)

Bet your little GD will have some fun looking and then rearranging the scarecrows. And while she is playing, she will have learned how fun it is to set a pretty table.

I've already commented on your gourd scarecrow over on painting, but just have to say again that "she" has the sweetest little face ever. Reminds me a bit of those Precious Moments figurines.


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What a fun table The scarecrows a great. I've been putting off getting my fall decorations out of hiding I want to finish fall house cleaning first. But I'm starting to weaken LOL NanaKaren

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