Wall Oven Lament

countrygirl18May 12, 2013

Hi GWs-
I know I must not be the only one-I would like to replace an ancient gas wall oven. Many of us cannot afford new kitchen cabinetry or reworking existing cabinetry or gas lines or electric to install a wall oven. Yes American Range & Blue Star & Viking & some other brands make gas wall ovens-but the 24" width's oven interior is too small & 30" width does not fit in existing cabinets.
Why is a 27" gas wall oven not manufactured here in the US?
I like gas cooking & my 25 year old gas wall oven does a great job-but it is time for a nice new stainless steel wall oven.
Also-from what I have researched here on GW & other sites-electric control panels & heat do not get along. Also people want dials-even in electric ovens-dials are becoming popular.
I love the simplicity of a gas oven. Reliability & performance-these are priorities.
Anyway-thoughts anyone?
Thank U

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Hi. I'm in the same boat: need to replace a cheap not very good 24" oven. Fortunately, I can go 27" without having to redo my cabinets besides minor fittings. I cannot go 30" unless I completely move where my ovens will be, build a new cabinet, and string new electrical lines and/or put in a gas line (e.g., $$$$).

BlueStar makes a 27" gas oven. The primary concern that I have is that there is a recall on it due to a gas line issue. People on this board seem to love BlueStar ranges. I have found very little on their wall ovens however.

I was told by people on this forum to strongly consider the Electrolux double wall oven (electric). I looked at the Miele 27" yesterday and it is the same interior size as my 24". I will probably get that and a steam oven. Not sure yet though.

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At this point in my kitchen with enamel failure of blue enamel on Dacor, 5 years ago, Wolf and Electrolux ovens, now, I am thinking I would avoid blue enamel. In all the many ovens over the years, I have never had this issue.

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Thank you so much GWers for responding!
I know about the Blue Star gas wall oven recall-re the gas line attachment I think.
If U research appliance recalls-all brands have had recalls-a gas wall oven is a relatively simple appliance-in construction & function.
I like Wolf products-sadly they do not make a gas wall oven in any size. Why?
Also American Range makes an amazing 30" gas oven-has huge interior-saw AR gas double oven here in Los Angeles-french doors on top chef's door bottom. This is my dream oven-no way will it fit-I would have to spend huge $$$$ for a new kitchen & upgrade electric & gas lines.
I am willing to spend for a new gas oven-for a larger oven interior in a slightly smaller exterior width.
I may end up with the Blue Star. With a good plumber I think the gas line issue can be addressed. I am concerned with insulation-these ovens are hot-double BTUs of my existing gas oven.
The hunt continues...or I may just stick with my old oven till it dies....or until they make 27" gas wall ovens...

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