GEGUYMW or anyone else with Delphin Knowledge...

justjustinNovember 18, 2008

I've got the chance to trade my old E Series (not my new E2 2 Speed) for a brand spanking new Delphin with the electric plug in power nozzle (not the battery powered one) and a shampooer. The guy I am doing the exchange with is quitting the Delphin and going to Thermax and opening a used vacuum shop.

Anyway, I've seen the Delphin demo and was quoted $3200, almost $1500 more than I paid for the Rainbow ESeries I would be trading in. Money wise, it makes great sense I think I'm comming in ahead here.

My question for you (since I've seen so much good advice you and others have on this board) is simple. How well do you like the Delphin. Everything I've read says it has better suction than a Rainbow and it cleans "marginally" better. In the demo things did look REALLY good and I liked using the machine. Which OTOH I never really got in to the ESeries till Rainbow came out with the 2 Speed.

The only thing I wouldn't be getting is the FACTORY warranty but he has agreeded to a three year FULL PARTS AND LABOR warranty through his used vacuum shop.

PLEASE, GEGUY or anyone else with knowledge of the Delphin comment for me. I have to decide by Saturday.



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Are you sure he is going to trade you the Delphin for the Rainbow without any extra money to him? It does not sound right.

I think you should get the vacuum cleaner and I will tell you why. You collect vacuum cleaners. You want to get it. You will probably kick yourself if you pass this up. Am I right?

The Delphin is not a bad vacuum. It is quality-made. They had done well to add an electric power nozzle to the Delphin. In a larger home, it would be a pain to keep changing the battery before your cleaning is done. Plus, the battery-operated power nozzle is really not that aggressive.

If you are purchasing the Delphin from this man, I would make sure he gives you a receipt with the warranty spelled out in writing. Remember too that this man is going into a new business, so he may not make it. People are not going to make as many expensive vacuum cleaner purchases with this economy the way it is. People are not running to purchase a Thermax either. If he folds, you will have to pay for someone to fix it and also pay for the parks. Delphin is not as popular as Rainbow.

If it ends up costing you money plus your Rainbow, why not look for a used one?

This post is specific to you and does not apply to someone going out and purchasing the Delphin at $1500-$3500. I cannot see someone putting down that much money. There is such a large markup.

Good Luck!

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