Kirby Sentria - help me put together please!

lynn_r_ctNovember 2, 2008

Don't ask how (just way too long of a story) but I have a brand new Kirby Sentria that I got for free. I can't find the vacuum manual - I know it is in the house but we are in a major remodel and it is nowhere to be found. I tried to put it together but I must be missing a step or two. I googled "instruction manual" inside and out but it seems as if you have to pay $20 for the main manual. I hate to do this - it will show up eventually - but I want to use the vacuum now. Does anybody know where I can get the instructions as to how to put it together - that's all - I can figure out the rest. Thanks in advance - Lynn fr CT

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Wow... a Sentria for free! Lucky you! And... Congrats! I don't know where you can go to find the manual, but Kirby's are pretty much all the same.

It should be fairly obvious how to insert the handle and twist the bag on... are you having problems attaching the carpet nozzle to the power plant?

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