Do you name your appliances?

namemoMay 6, 2014


I am currently researching names given to household and office objects for a study at the University of Mainz, Germany. It would be of great help if you could fill out my questionnaire on - if you could share the URL with others, that would be great too, of course. I only ask about the object's names in the questionnaire, not about your names or contact details. The survey is anonymous and only for research purposes (in the field of onomastics).

Many thanks!
Mehmet Aydin

Here is a link that might be useful:

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People name their appliances? That's beyond odd.

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I'm guessing this person is a troll. I wouldn't recommend clicking on the link.

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No, I definitely didn't click it. Lol

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I have a GE microwave which I refer to as "Piece of Crap". Does that count?

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I clicked on the link it goes to a web site, but I didn't go any further. I don't name anything so it really didn't apply to me. None of my virus scanners or other malware scanners popped anything after going there, so, at least for me, it appeared to be safe, but use at your own risk.


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Err, I am definitely not a troll, and I'm seriously writing a paper on this; if I can get enough data, that is.

And yes, quite a lot of people name their appliances, mostly computers and phones, but also hoovers, fridges, microwaves, even bookends (my favourite so far is a hoover called Gollum). As to why: well, that's one of the things I want to know.

If you don't name any objects, then there's absolutely no need for you to click on that link. If you do, though, your answers would really be helpful to me.

weedmeister, if you consistently refer to that one microwave as "Piece of Crap", that does indeed count. But if you call any appliance that's acting up "Piece of Crap" and the microwave just happens to be called that most often because it's just rubbish, then that's not a name.

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I don't know anyone who names appliances. Vehicles, yes, but not appliances or gadgets.

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Lacanche owners name their ranges. We haven't received ours but we are currently calling him Jacque after Jacque Pepin. Someone else on this forum call's their Lacanche Julia. There's a youtube video of a chef in NYC who calls his Lacanche Sofia. Perhaps Lacanche owners are 'beyond odd' or at least very passionate.

I have never named my phone, tv, or vehicle.

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I should clarify that only some Lacanche owners do this.

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Well, I do think that a Lacanche (or La Cornue, Molteni, etc.) is different from a regular appliance or gadget.

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Had a car named "Grandmamobile." Another was "Blue Devil." Can't think of any appliances I've named ... yet. We'll have to come up with one when we order our new range.

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LOL - I can't resist. I only name the appliances I don't like. Like my DCS range which I call a POS (and I don't mean Point of Sale). It's nickname is stupid POS.

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I had a swimming pool cleaner that propelled itself around the pool. I went to a pool supply place to get a part for it. The guy behind the counter asked me what its name was?

I sheepishly told him, "The Pool Monster." (Actually named by my talking Bulldogs.)

He indicated that "everyone" had a name for their pool cleaner.

This was in San Diego.

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