My New 'Goodies' From Today's Sale #1 (pic heavy)

slinkeySeptember 19, 2010

Arrived at the Sale Today before 10am...and the place was filling up fast...

As you can see, I'm ready for action..

This is the only picture I could take

while I was there. I really couldn't stop while I was in a 'shopping frenzy'.

Things were selling very fast, and besides, I left DH 'in the dust' and we kept in touch by phone! He ran into an old friend who was selling there, and I ran into my DSIL!

I did take pictures of the my goodies, once I got home..

These china plates - are really beautifully detailed. They are trimmed in 18k gold.. 4/ $2. >

The beaded napkin rings (new in package) 4/ $1.50

The Christmas Tracy Porter - $2...

The Bunny Candleholders - NIB - (match my Cracker Barrel set) $2...

The Sunflower Bowl - also nicely detailed and has two handles - $1

The Witch Hat - $.50

These are Staffordshire 2/$1... I'm still kicking myself

for not buying the dinner plates for $1 ea.

Believe it or not, I was starting to feel 'overwhelmed' at that point.

The Large Wired Glitter Tree - $1. The Large Glass Pumpkin Bowl - $1. The Pitcher has a lovely scene on it also Staffordshire...believe it or not $.50 !

The Pewter Hurricane Lamp was $.25...

YES you read that right $.25 !!

The Silver Candlesticks w/tags...were $1 ea...and the silver ones to the right of them were $3 for both.

In the next post which will be shorter than this one...

Is The BEST yet!!


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So many wonderful things!!! The bunnies of course got my attention fast, and the witch hat. The two Staffordshire dishes...oh how I wish you'd gotten the matching plates too.
Sooo pretty. And the plates trimmed in gold are gorgeous.

I'm a bright shade of green now!
hugs, Karen

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LOL Karen...thanks...
I knew the bunnies would catch your eye!
Check out post #2...


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That is a hoot, shopping on the runway! Boy did you get some good things. I love the witch hat, and the gold-trimmed dishes. They look kind of brick-y on my monitor--but to me the design suggests burgundy. Can you use them for fall?

The napkin rings, the Christmas server, the transferware--and you have a second post?!! I can hardly wait!

- Magpie

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WOW!! What great finds!!

I know what you mean about frenzy.
Sometimes when I go to those type sales, I feel like the cartoon character that says, "Which way do I go? Which way do I go?"

Wish I had been there with you.

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Wonderful finds and what fantastic prices! Bet you were like a kid in a candy store! I can't pick a favorite item because I love it all. Total bargains on everything, better than TS prices too! Woohoo, I'm off to see your 2nd post! Luvs

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Ahhh, slinkey jane, you're a girl after my own heart!!! What a great sale ...& what are lookin' good, girl!

The china plates(trimmed in gold) plates are BEAUTIFUL! Oh boy, I see a Christmas t'scape coming! And the Staffordshire sq/rectangle plates look like they would be wonderful to use in an elegant candle arrangement.

Love the glass pumpkin...looking forward to see what you do with it soon...cloche display? You found some great buys...& LOL about you leaving your DH on his own you hit paydirt! (another great use for cell phones!) TFS your loot!
Jeanne S.

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Jane you're adorable.

I bet that was so much fun! I LOVE those china plates!

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Jane, knew you wouldn't let us down, you shopaholic you! Love all of your new goodies. I'll bet you are just sad about not buying the matching plates @ $1 ea. You sound like me if I don't buy everything I like I kick myself later. After joining this forum, I buy it all and then figure out what to do with it later. Even if it means donating it, which I have done alot of.

Have you put all of it away? So happy for you and all your great buys.


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Thanks again everyone...
Some of you I responded to in the other post...and some

C/angel..I know the cartoon character you mean..and I laughed because that was definitely the case here!

jeanne..luvs...wish you were there...wish you were there!!
Glad you liked it all..

Shee..thanks for the compliment...I've seen your pic..and I feel 'You' are the adorable one!!

Punk...glad I didn't let you down. I know what you mean about buying it then think about it later...I try to do that..but this time around...I think I was so overwhelmed...I got 'Stupid' !! :(
As far as putting it all away... I really had to work hard at it today...finding places to squeeze things in. I'll have to go back to rearrange and change where they went..
that's the hardest part...and it's getting harder.
Gosh, I feel one day when I'm gone, they're gonna say..
This was one 'Sick' lady...with all these dishes!!


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Jane, WRITE down where you stash the new stuff. LOL...
I'm still Pheasant hunting!
Arrrgggghhhhh. This is NOT fun.

As for being a Dish Lady, I figure that's a lot better than being a Bag Lady. Or spending your money in bars,
or on useless things like furs and fancy clothes. LOL.
Our families should be glad.

hugs, Karen

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Karen... 'I Hear Ya'...
You're right, I should write where I put everything..because honestly, I was rushing to get it away, and I actually was thinking to myself...'will I remember it's here'
I still can't believe you can't find those pheasants...they were too nice to not find ... maybe when you take out your Christmas stuff !!!! lol grrrr
I agree that our 'habit' is better than most bad habits.
I guess we have to keep saying that to could be could be worse!! However, as far as our families being lucky... I dread thinking of when the day comes and they have to 'deal with all of it'...Actually, I don't want to think about it! lol


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Wowsa! Christmas, fall, Halloween, in between & bunnies too!

You did great girl, but I can understand the feeling "overwhelmed" with all there to choose from. I've done that myself & then kicked myself when I got home for not buying this or that!

Can't wait to go look at your post #2!

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I see you use a "hip purse" for sales too, just like ME!

They are so much easier, lets you have both hands free to look at things & pay for them!!!

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I feel the adrenalin! I can see myself rushing from one place to another!
I love it all, the plates and candlesticks are fabulous.
I am not even going to post my CTS stuff after seeing the prices you paid.
I bought the glass pumpkin there for 1.99
OK, on to part 2!

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Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and everything in between, looks like you've got it covered. That sale looks soooo fun. Those plates are just beautiful. I wish we had more sales around here.

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Golllllllllleeeeeeee, you did good gal!!!
Those candlesticks are wonderful!! and the RED!
You had too much fun:^)

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