Changing Grout - need help with color match if possible

divotdivaMay 6, 2014

The tiling in the MB was complete but I have removed all of the sanded grout in the shower for a couple of reasons. The story is a little too long for me to get into right now.

The original grout was Polyblend and since I have to re-install, I'm considering Spectralock Pro. Does anyone know if there is a close color match between these brands for Antique White? The unsanded Antique White was used on the walls, and also appears to be lighter in color than the sanded Polyblend.

If I don't go with the Spectralock or find it close in color, I'll just regrout with the Polyblend. I can get a couple of boxes and work up samples.

I also understand from many posts here on GW that the Spectralock will require close attention on my part to install but it's not impossible. If I use it should I mix two batches? The area is about 72 x 48 or 24 sq ft.

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I haven't used it, but have you thought about urethane grout? This grout is liked by many. It takes longer to cure before you use the shower. It is premixed and can be capped between uses. Maybe you can find out more about that option.

I have had great success with Laticrete epoxy grout. I have mixed up only part of the material without problems. I just seal up the remainder tightly until I am ready to mix more and use. The liquid parts need to be 50:50. The part C colorant can be less precise, depending on how loss or stiff you want the material. The instructions talk about this.

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I wouldn't be too fussy on color matching grout, especially mixing different manufacturers.

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thanks Trebruchet...I guess I shouldn't lose sleep over it. Enduring, I am also considering ProFusion (made by the same folks as PolyBlend and avail at Home Depot) which is pre-mixed and can be used in sections. Does anyone know, is ProFusion urethane ?

I have been checking on the tile forum and the pros seem to like it but no long term conclusions yet, it is too new.

As far as curing time, I've been without this shower since last fall so another couple of weeks won't kill me.

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Is ProFusion Custom brand? I bet the description on the website will tell you, or call customer service for the lowdown :)

Edited to take out the phrase "Custom Blends" that I had in the above sentence, LOL that is a tobacco, I just looked it up :)

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It's Custom Building brand, yes. Just came back from Home Depot and they don't carry the Antique White color but lots of others :-(

I will call them.

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I saw on JB forum that ProFusion is a silicone and something else combo, and not urethane.

HD should be able to order you the Antique White, they can just about get anything.

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thanks Enduring, I may not have time to wait on a special order. I spoke w/ Custom and will probably just live with the Alabaster. If I fly in the other the local stores will charge me $ 150 to include air freight.

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