fried food smell on office chair

mileleNovember 21, 2011

Hello, this may sound ...funny is not. I just bought a used herman Miller aeron chair for my home was ok but while driving home I realized how...stinky was. It smells like nasty fried food...the worse fried food. I tried to clean it with detergent...nothing...the smell is still strong that it is quite annoying. Any suggestion? ...also my kids are laughing about the "chicken nugget chair"...please help...I need to seat on it 10 hours a day!!!

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Spray it with Febreeze and see if that helps.

Maybe rub baking soda into the fabric, leave for a day and then vacuum good.

Obviously the odor has penetrated deeper than outside covering. Not sure how to deodorize the stuffing.

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Thanks, I will try. Today I spread talc everywhere hoping that it will absorbe the odor...

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Have you considered calling Herman Miller and asking for their suggestion for cleaning the chair.

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That is a good suggestion. I will call them. The talc did not work much.


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You might try something like Smells Begone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smells Begone.

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My Mother gave me a leather chair. She was a heavy smoker and I could not get the smell out of that chair. I tried Febreze (did not work) and even a odor remover that I buy from a janitorial supply company. The odor remover would last for a few weeks and then the smell would come back. I think it would slowly come from the stuffing out through the leather. I finally gave it away.

Maybe call an upscale furniture store or high end rug store and ask for recommendations. Also places that advertise that they clean after having a fire or water damage might be able to remove the smell.

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