help--how to clean wood stain off of linoleum

lizbeth-gardenerNovember 11, 2009

I have a brown stain on my white kitchen linoleum floor that I suspect is wood stain from refinishers who were doing a room next to it. I have tried soft scrub with bleach and it didn't do anything. I'm afraid to use a lot of products for fear of taking the gloss off the linoleum. Anyone have any ideas?

TIA for any help!

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Try white vinegar on a soft cloth. I used it to remove latex paint drips after I pained my kitchen. I have fairly new Marmoleum linoleum. I rubbed just enough to soften the paint, then picked it off with a fingernail. The shine on the linoleum stayed fine. Took a little elbow grease but it got the paint off. Not sure this would work on wood stain. Good Luck.

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Jannie--Thanks for replying. I tried the vinegar, but it didn't even budge the stain, so I tried Extreme Goo Gone and it did the trick. I did have to rub pretty hard, but it got rid of the stain without dulling the gloss on the linoleum, so I'm pleased.

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Try using rubbing alcohol and the scrubby side of a sponge. If it still wont come off sprinkle some baking soda on it as well.

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