Shelf paper. Yes or No?

cathyllNovember 28, 2006

I just removed (again)the shelf paper from all my cabinets and it occurred to me that since the shelves & drawers are all laminated and easy to clean, why do I even need shelf paper?

I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

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I am curious too. We are getting ready to move- the new kitchen has relatively new cabinets/drawers. I have been cleaning a few cabinets every day after work (mostly just dust from sitting empty for 3 1/2 yrs) But I am curious if I should use shelf paper/drawer liners too. It looks like the shelves are laminated as well.

bluejean in ohio

PS Sorry to piggyback the thread!

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I stopped using shelf paper over 30 years ago, when I started teaching home ec in a high school. We carefully lined all our shelves with shelf paper before our board of health inspection--and FAILED because of it. Actual paper (as opposed to the plastic liners) attracts pests that eat it. Lining shelves can also give food a place to hide between thorough cleanings. So it's not recommended.

I replaced my home kitchen over 20 years back. The laminate shelves are still beautiful. Not a scratch or stain on them. And it's so much easier to clean, and saves so much time cutting and fitting the shelf paper in. I will never go back to it.

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I hate shelf paper too but I would rather go to the trouble of lining the cupboard shelves every 6 months than go through the horrendous expense and hassle of replacing cabinetry. I think the quality of the laminate would influence my decision on using shelf paper: the vinyl covering on my shelves is easily torn and was stained when we moved here. To each her own.

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When I married, my MIL came to "help line my cabinets with shelf paper"....after a few months, my mother came and told me to "get that stuff outta there"....and showed me the crumbs and even a few bugs hiding beneath.
NOT lining with paper is a much cleaner way to go....and when you have part of the cupboard empty you can just wipe it need to remove everything and replace the paper.
Linda C

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I use to have paper liners in my drawers too but decided it was'nt sanitary. My drawers and shelves were all wood so i got DH to paint everything with an oil based enamil and just wash it.I think it looks better too. Just my opinion. Hope you don't mind me posting too.

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Shelf paper attracts bugs. Shelf paper traps crumbs. Shelf paper looks like crap in a couple of months. Shelf paper is expensive to keep replacing. And yes, the health department does not allow it in restaurant setting.

If you feel you really need to protect your laminate from Kool-Aid stains and such, how about trying plastic liner that is self sticking? I do not mean Contac with permanant adhesive. What I am suggesting is the plastic shelf liner that has a water activated backing that seals it to the shelves.

You just wet the shelf and put it down using a squeegee or a book to force the air pockets out of it. When it dries it holds firmly in place with no shifting. It is easily removable when you want it to be.

I have used the stuff and like it. I have shelves in my kitchen cabinets and linen closets that are varnished wood. There were lots of stains from the previous owners use, and the plastic liner covers this damage, giving it a "fresher" look. It also keeps further damage from happening. I can't see the point of covering nice plastic laminate shelves with either paper OR plastic liner, but to each their own.......

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Well, thank you, thank you, thank you, ladies! That was music to my ears. One more chore I can scratch off my fall cleaning list.

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I put the plastic kind on my shelves and have for years. I guess I just don't trust the laminates they use. The previous owners already have stuff on the cabinets that have been hard to get out. Of course, I'm sure they never cleaned them regularly.

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I lined all my shelves and drawers with that grippy plastic stuff, mostly because I was worried that people would think I was a horrid human being if I left them bare. No paper, no contact goop, but sort of a rubbery, washable surface.

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I line all my shelves to protect them and I don't like the clicking noise without them being lined. I learned about Cushy Cupboards on the Garden Web's Kitchen forum on this website and love it. It is easy to cut and wipes clean. It is not rubber so won't scruntch up when sliding items in place or removing the bottom skillet or pan in a stack.

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When we did our kitchen over I insisted on all of the shelves and that all of the drawer bottoms be finished with something hard. It's nothing to keep them clean. Just a swipe.

My MIL always used Oakleif's method. When you use a lot of stuf wipe the shelf where they were and move the other sruff over and wipe that space. You never have to do a major clean up until you find a five year old open jar of capers that never made it to the fridge.

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cathyll, thanks for starting this thread. This has been a source of trouble in our household. DH insists I line the kitchen cabinets with shelf paper and I say not if the cabinets have a washable surface. I do use the cushion type liners for my cabinets with glassware and dinner dishes, just to protect the edges. Now I feel vindicated.

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i posted last week about my mess of contact paper...trying to do a good thing i messed up some of my kraft maid beautiful cabinets...NOOOOO on the shelf paper of any sort. i remember my moms cubbards were always painted inside when i was a kid...i guess she just washed them out..didn't use *shelf paper* now i know why they were much easier to just wash the cabinets then to line..remove liner..wash ..line again....


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I use the plastic kind that would just lift out of the drawer to clean it or replace it. Many years ago, I used the sticky kind and actually damaged an apt. cabinet, but they didn't charge me for it thank God!

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I did I bought copper shelf paper more like foil type really nice.I got it from Lowes.Thick.

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