Blood Stains (Removal)

g-mannNovember 19, 2009

Anyone now how to get blood stains out bed sheets. I have no problem if the stain is only a couple hours old, but what about being set in and dried? It would seem to me that hospitals and motels have something that removes them. Any ideas on this subject?

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My husband gets nose bleeds occasionally and sometimes we don't notice a drop of blood until it is time to wash the sheets.

I first use regular shampoo--the kind without conditioner. Sometimes this takes it out. If it doesn't I use laundry stain remover and it always comes out.

If you've washed and dried it it is pretty much in the fabric. An enzyme stain remover may work--for a protein stain, which is what blood is, Other than that I'm afraid the stain is there to stay.

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Hospitals use hydrogen peroxide and cool water on bloodstains.

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I use hydrogen peroxide. Pour it right from the bottle onto the stain. It will fizz up and turn the spot a different color, and then the stain will vanish.

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If you have colored sheets Hydrogen peroxide will also take the color out That is why I didn't mention it. If you have white sheets by all means try it

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Depends on the strength of the H2o2 if it removes color.
5% solution is pretty safe....20% will make a brunette into a I would be careful on colored cloth...
Oxy clean works too.
But you have to soak a long time....more than 24 hours.
Linda C

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How much blood are we talking about here? A few drops or crime scene cleanup? Put some enzyme laundry detergent on it and let it sit for a half hour or so. Then wash as usual in an enzyme detergent. If the stain is not too old (and not in crime scene quantities) it should come right out. If it is a lot of blood, I rinse first in cool water.

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Chlorox for colors works for me. Also Oxyclean or a paste of Biz and water. Apply one of these to the spots and rub it in, then let it alone for awhile. When the sheets come out of the washer, check to see if it needs repeating.

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Hydrogen peroxide. Just the regular kind you get at the pharmacy. I've used it on whites and colors with no problem. One thing I didn't see mentioned was that you have to wash the item in cold water. Warm water will set the stain.

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Try cold water and liquid hand soap. Wet the fabric, apply the soap (1 pump of soap will handle most small jobs), then rub the stained area of fabric together until the stain starts to fade. You may need to rinse and repeat the process again if it's a heavy stain. Then toss it in the wash as usual. If you want to pretreat any remaining stain (the washer will usually take care of it), I use Sparay & Wash stain stick (not the spray). If it still remains, try pretreating with Zout and wash on hottest setting possible--use the 'Sanitary' setting if you have a front load washer (if it doesn't get the stain out, nothing will). Good luck!

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Zout or Shout Advanced, scrub with nylon brush. Add OxyClean to water in machine, let agitate, add pretreated fabric, let agitate a few minutes, then soak for at least 1 hour.

The OxyClean alone works if given enough soaking time. It MUST be predissolved in the water.

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hydrogen peroxide will not take color out - its the same thing oxy-clean is made of which is a "color-safe bleach" I use it all the time and have never had it remove color

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I know blood will be disolved with milk for a fact but not sure how it works after it has dried for a while. Hydrogen Peroxide is what I always used in the hospital on my uniforms .....they were white though. Definately soak it in the milk and see.

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Meat Tenderizer  Sprinkle the stain win unseasoned meat tenderizer (white) and add enough to make a paste. Let it set for 15-30 minutes and sponge the area with cool water. (WARNING: Do not use meat tenderizer on fabrics like wool or silk, because it can break down the fabric.)

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Something that I learned years ago was to put your stained item in a pan of cold water and pour table salt on it heavily. Let it set for 20 minutes and your blood stain should be gone. Try it, you won't be sorry.


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