Rescuing a non-stick frying pan with burnt on grease

junkyardgirlNovember 23, 2007

Well, I let my frying pan with grease get too hot, and I've tried everything I know to get the burnt on crud off, but to no real avail. I've tried Greased Lightning, Dawn soak overnight, ammonia on newspaper in a plastic bag left for two days (one day in the sun), boiling with baking soda water, and simply keeping it on the stove so it would hopefully just burn off, but to no avail.

Is there anything else you can do? I just bought this pan, it's a T-fal, and I don't want to lose it.

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Try covering it with baking soda and then sprinkling it with white vinegar. Let it sit for a bit and spray the vinegar on again to make it wet. If the smell of just vinegar is too strong for you, a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water also works well. Get out your scouring pad and turn on the elbow grease. It might take a few tries but this is how I clean the oven at my restaurant. It is sprayed with grease all day (from heating sandwiches) and I never use commercial cleaners.

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I've tried Dawn Power Dissolver on some things lately that I could never get off, including baked on "non-stick" spray that would never come off and the Power Dissolver took it off in short order.

Is it on the outside of the pan or the inside? I'm assuming the outside?

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Nope, inside. I'm going to try the Power Dissolver. It's on sale this week at my store.

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Hate to chime in with bad news, but I heard last year on national news (then read more about it) that non stick pans should be discarded if overheated as they have caused condition docotr's called "Teflon Fever." With regret I sadly discarded my best one ever after learning about it.

Here's one link:


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I agree with Suzi, non stick pans are toxic when overheated and that's only to 500 degrees.

I am getting new pans called green pans today. Go to: There's a video on the site that explains a bit about them.

I'm also switching my bakeware to demarle. Aluminum has been linked to alzheimers and I'm getting rid of all my aluminum too.

Sorry about your pan but it's better that you get a new pan that's not calphalon or teflon. They have pre-seasoned cast iron pans at target now.


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The baking soda suggestion is pure genius! I didn't have any vinegar so I just sprinkled baking soda on the burnt pan & used a slightly dampened sponge to scrub the area for a few minutes. I now have a brand new looking pan.

I agree with the other comments that a burned teflon pan should be discarded. Luckily my pan was a Thermalon GreenPan.

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I've ruined more Teflon frying pans than I can count. I had a wonderful All Clad frying pan that cost $120. Since they stand by their product, I returned one I burned to the manufacturer and they sent me a new one. Same thing happened again, but they wouldn't give me any more free replacements. I now hand wash my All Clad ware by hand and am very careful with heat and grease.

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I bght a Green pan several months ago & so far I only need to clean with sponge or damp paper towel. I have done the same thing, burning non-stick pans & eventually just had to discard. Try the Green pans. I think they're great.

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Most of you actually know less than I do-and I came here looking for suggestions?
First of all most Non-stick cookware is not rated to 500 Deg/f. Only certain top lines are. Never use non-stick spray, Pam etc, on non Stick cookware.
AllClad brand is over priced junk. And posters who recommend this product are reps like Tupperware geeks.
When i first bought my Calphalon cookware 12 years ago, being a new bachelor I mistakenly took the advice of a clerk in Bed Bath and Dumbers, he sold me a jar of a gritty pumice like cleanser made by Calphalon -BUT it was for their stainless steel cookware. I put up such a fuss with BB&D that they replaced my ruined cookware.
It looks as if the varnish like staining on the outside will have be removed with a flame thrower or a grinding wheel, because no one here or myself has the answer? LOL

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i have a green pan that has baked on grease.... tried the baking soda -- now i'm heating the vinegar & scrubbing... hmmm will keep at it! green pans are nice, but they also get stained after some use... best to wipe them out while they're still warm/hot.

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Altho I mentioned I had owned an All-Clad frying pan (or two) I am not a spammer, salesperson or geek. I'm not selling or recommending anything, I'm just telling my FIRST-HAND experience, here in THE REAl WORLD.

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I threw all my non-stick cookware away a long time ago. I use a set of waterless stainless steel (Enkor). Can only buy this brand on ebay now. But I also have several Allclad stainless pans and skillets which are great. The bonus is MADE IN AMERICA. The key is, less heat, and a small amount of olive oil (never bake/fry with EVOO) or other oil. And, if something sticks, like a crab cake or piece of chicken or eggplant, continue cooking at low heat. It will release when it is golden brown. I never worked for Allclad or anyone remotely related, so not a shill. But have been cooking, baking for 50 years. Somewhat off topic, but had to respond to hbogart44.

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oven cleaner works good and dawn has a soap you put in pan let it soak wow works great.

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Well I tried the advice on my electric frypan, bolied vinager for 30 minutes then boiled bakiing soda for 15 minutes. Then I scrubbed with a plastic brush . IT WORKED! Thank-you

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