how to get rid of cat smell....

wearybuilderNovember 18, 2009

Hi all!

A friend just bought a house and has gotten rid of the carpeting and padding. How do they know if they have gotten rid of everything that could make a cat-allergy person have a reaction?

Thanks for your tips!

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I have an allergy to cats. What you are allergic to is cat dander--dandruff. My cousin is severely allergic to cats and she can tell if a person has been handling cats even though there is no hair on their clothes. There may be no hair but there is dander.

A good cleaning and vacuuming of the house should be all that's needed, especially now that the carpets have been removed. Don't forget to get rid of the vacuum bag after you clean, if you don't that will be a storehouse for fur and dander.

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