Dining Room Decorated for Fall

phonegirlSeptember 26, 2012

Here's the rest of my dining room decorated for fall. I used leaf and pumpkin place mats for the background in the china cabinet. Also added harvest napkins on the shelves. You've seen some of the decor in the past but I've added a few new to me things I picked up since last year.

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.


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Thanks for the tour of your Dining Room, Punk.
It looks wonderfully festive. I love the Pumpkin placemats for the back round
and the way you arranged the napkins on the shelves in the China Cabinet.
It is great to see TJ again she looks cute in her Fall colors.
The vase on the table next to her is unusual. I don't recall seeing it before.
Those marble looking pumpkins are so nice.
They would look nice in my house.....
I really enjoyed seeing all you have done,
I haven't hauled my Fall bins out yet.
I need to do some cleaning first.
Thanks for sharing all your hard work.

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You've really been busy. There's sooo many great things that jump out at me.
Loving the white glass pumpkins , all of the decor on top of the china cabs (call me green with envy since I can't do that with mine...lol) , the buffet between the c.c.'s is wonderful and the bold floral arrangements, perfect.
Job very well done.

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Wow, you really did it up right, Punk. Your cabinets look so festive. I love all the leaf garlands and scarecrow faces are an all time favorite of mine. I see that big wire ACORN full of pumpkins! Using the placemats in the cabinet really let the dishes and other items show up well, that was a good idea. I'm totally impressed at the number of pumpkins you have and in so many shapes and sizes too! You are inspiring me to get my bins in here and decorate. ;o)


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Nana, that green vase was a ys find for .50. I couldn't pass it up for that. I have four of those glass pumpkins. Get that cleaning done so we can enjoy your decor lady!LOL

MM, the white glass pumpkins are cover soup bowls. Your cabinet is beautiful w/o decor on top. I can't seem to get a good picture with the lights on in mine so will keep enjoying yours. I blew my knee out twice lately so haven't been able to do to much lately. I will probably add some Halloween decor to this next week.

Luvs, you always spot my acorns. I have several lg greeen acorn Christmas ornaments I bought on sale last year that I need to show you. Come to think of it I think I've showed my purple ones to you before. Hope you find time to get your bins out and decorate.

Thanks for looking and all your sweet comments, ladies. This is the first night I've gotten home earlier for two weeks and it feels great.


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Marlene Kindred

Everything looks so wonderful Punk! I think fall may be my favorite time of year...love the colors. So many beautiful decorations...the pumpkins and dishes. LOVE all of the different size pumpkins in your china hutch...just beautiful!

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Fabulous job Punk!
You have quite a lovely Fall collection and all so colorful. Both china cabinets and sideboard look so
festive. I like how all the pieces compliment each other in the china cabinet - like the plates ceramic gourds and pumpkins and then how you have the florals - pumpkins and scarecrows on top..Of course your sideboard in the middle is decorated so nice too.
TJ is looking happy as usual 'lucky girl'. Look like she's getting ready for Halloween all decked out in orange & black! I'm sure you have her costume all picked out already! lol

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WOW, WOW,WOW,Punk! And ditto on everything the others have said. The way you draped the colorful napkins on the hutch shelf....the decor on top of both hutches....all the "pretties" you've displayed....and TJ's ORANGE pants!!
Love it ALL.

I know Luvs has be lusting after that wire acorn basket! ;o) That is a pretty neat piece.

I always enjoy your decor so much, and stay amazed how you find time to do it with your heavy work load. I've started my Fall decorating, but meant to do it a week ago. Around here, procrastination seems to rule. :o"
Sure could use some of your energy!

hugs, Karen

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Marlene, Jane and Karen, thanks so much for looking and all the sweet comments. I'm enjoying all this orange for now. I'm thinking I'll probably switch to more brown tones before fall ends tho.

Karen, you wouldn't be impressed with my energy right now. I reinjured my knee for the third time Fri. night. Wishing at this point I wasn't such a slow learner!hmmmm I'm keeping it elevated with ice and it's killing me to have to stay off it but no choice now.

If my knee evers heals I'm going to reset my table using a new set of covered soup bowls that DD bought me. They are rust colored so will be fun to come up with a new setting with them.


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Oh, I am smilin' seein' TJ again! She is such a cutie & sittin' so pretty! ;-)

punk ...I'm slow posting, sorry ... I love all the ceramic pumpkins & pottery pcs that you used in your china cabinet ...the colors & diff shapes blend so well tog. I covet the white pumpkin covered bowls & those crystal topped bottles look wonderful in the display ...I would never think of adding those!

Your other cabinet w/the 2 lamps on top looks so beautiful w/the pretty pumpkins, the foilage & all your talented flower arranging for Fall...love it!

And, how in the world you manage to decorate & stack & keep things from falling off that top china closet is a puzzle to me! Looks great with the cute scarecrows/leaf foilage/pumpkins/etc. Now don't be climbing up there w/your leg hurt...that's not what they mean when they say 'elevating' the injury! Hugs & hope it feels better soon. TFS everything here! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, thanks for your sweet comments. I have to be honest. The only reason the crystal liquor decanters are still in that china cabinet is because I put my set of dishes where they were stored in the other one.LOL I will try to get things more organized after Christmas. I'm not sure where I put my last set of IVY dishes. How one could loose that many pieces is beyond me. Stinks to have to work so much and leave things lost here.haha

I have been trying to keep my leg elevated and iced. It's still sore so don't really have a choice. I'm getting a crown put on in the morning and have a nail appt. on thurs. morning. Other than that I'm working then coming home and being a couch potato.


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Punk, such amazing decorating. You really have an eye for putting the right pieces together. Love all your fall pieces That large vase of fall flowers is magnificant. Every thing justlooks like you had hired a professional decorator.
Take care of that leg. Getting hurt is sure easier than geting well!

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Janet, I have to say I LOVE that last comment of yours! LOL. Its perfect. I'm sure Punk will agree. As well our two bug-bitten buddies here. ;o)

Punk, its so hard to imagine you sitting STILL...
hugs, Karen

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Janet, you really know how to make a girl feel good with your comments 'Every thing just looks like you had hired a professional decorator.'This is such a sweet comment.

If I was 20 yrs younger I would love to be an interior designer. Since that's not the case I'll just hang in there where I'm at.LOL

Karen, you are so right about Janet's comment, 'Getting hurt is sure easier than geting well!' My knee has improved alot but still not back to normal.


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Punk, everything looks fantastic. I love all the ceramic fall pieces, and I could just stand and stare at all the glassware in that cabinet! I love your dining room -- it looks like you have a ton of space to play with -- but you say this is the rest of it?! I'll have to go look for the other half. lol!

Re the knee, GOOD LUCK! I thought I'd need surgery for a tear last year but I eventually got through without it. Rest was definitely the key for me.

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