What Kind of Vacuum Cleaner does not spit out dust I vacuumed?

chuehNovember 2, 2012

Whenever I use the tube to vacuum baseboards or around furniture, it spits out dust from the receptacle where the tube is placed when not in use. I follow the instructions to make the cleaner upright, so it wouldn't spit out the dust. However, I have always been able to see some tiny dust spitted out under some kind of light even by using different cleaners, despite the fact that people don't really see it doing that under the normal lighting.

Is there any kind of vacuum cleaner that does not spit out dust?


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One with a better filter?

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I would have to ask you if you have enough respiratory problems, that it affects your health. There really is not enough particles coming out. If any,it is from displaced air, from movement of the brushroll. There is no other fan pulling the air.

When you are using the wand, make sure that the head of the upright is not "digging" into the carpet. Sometimes this happens, when you pull the hose in front of the upright. The front will tip forward; digging into the carpet.

Also, remove the bottom brushroll plate and brushroll, then clean out the brushroll chamber periodically. You should be doing this at least every time you change the belt(if belt must be replaced). If you have a more permanent belt, you should just set up a schedule to do a maintenance check. Be sure to check the airway from the brushroll chamber to where the wand connect to the machine. Sometimes dirt can get stuck.

If it is a big concern for you, you then can purchase an upright vacuum cleaner where the brushroll shuts off or shuts off in the upright position.

If you do not want to spend the money, then just stuff one facial tissue down where the wand connects to the vacuum. Do not stuff it so far down where you cannot get it.

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Very helpful.


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