Is 11' too shallow for tub?

ne_flyingdiverMay 21, 2008

I'm looking at a Sterling tub that's 36 x 60. In looking at the spec sheet, it states 11" depth to overflow. This is for my daughters bath. They love taking baths in my soaker b/c of the depth. I want them to stay out of my bath b/c of the splashing! We are building a new house and I want to give them a deeper tub, but not soaker capacity. Anyhow the plumber plumbed for 36 width and I'm finding out that's an odd size! The plumber's reasoning was something to do w/ the walls/work space being to cramped.


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Frankly, I find a shallow bathtub to be very unsatisfying, and 11" is very shallow. But what that shallowness is good for is combination tub/showers, where ease/safety of climbing in and out of the tub is important. It's a tradeoff...

Take a look at the Kohler Villager and (I think) Devonshire. I think they're a little deeper, but still OK to climb in and out of.

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The Kohler Villager is 8-5/8" to the overflow. I found a Toto tub (FBY1525LP) that is 15-1/4" to the overflow.

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You didn't say whether this tub is for bathing only or for a shower bath. I put in the Kohler Villager in my son's bathroom to be used for a shower bath. He is a tall ten-year-old now, and the 8 5/8" to overflow is plenty deep for him. Soon he will probably switch to showers. I think it is a great choice for a combination tub-shower, as sweeby says, because it is only 14" high and easy for him to climb out of. The Villager is 30" wide. It is also available, I think, as 34" or so wide. It has the same basin size but has a shelf that would run along the back. It would be great for kids to keep toys. I didn't use it because my space was quite small. The Villager is cast iron. I used a curved shower rod which I would highly recommend for a 30" wide tub.

I would NOT use it were primarily to be used for adult bathing. Other posters have said that the Kohler Mariposa is very comfortable for adults. I think it is 36" wide but it is acrylic. It is 14" to overflow. I will probably choose that when we do the master bath. The Mariposa is 20" high so not great for a shower-bath. The Kohler website shows several other tubs that are available 36" by 60". One more point is that I don't think that there are any 5' long tubs made for an alcove installation that are comfortable. You need extra room around it.

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i'm putting in a 21"
deep tub for my 2 yera old. weve measured splash volocity and height...and this may mean that he only needs one giant towel outside on the floor per bath as opposed to three when in a 15" deep tub lol

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There's also the Kohler Archer, an acrylic tub which doesn't look too comfortable (I wouldn't call those teeny little curves armrests), but it's only 19" high *and* has the water depth of higher tubs because the overflow runs horizontally. It's the only one I know of that has that overflow style. Wish they'd use it more--it's such a brilliant answer to the soaking/shower debate--why can't they put it in a more comfortable tub?!

I'm debating between that and the Devonshire, also acrylic, which looks more comfortable but is 20" high. At least it's better than our 23" Maax in the master (but that's not being used for showers).

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Why did you write that there are no 5' tubs that are comfortable and that you need extra room around it? What if the tub is 32-34" wide?

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No wonder I hate the Villager! I know it's 14" high, and so thought it would be better than the 11" tub OP originally mentioned. But I wasn't differentiating between the overall height and the height to the overflow, which is really what matters for water fill.

I like that horizontal overflow on the Archer! Very clever --

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My inlaws put the villager in their second bath and it's pretty much perfect for bathing a little kid and really nice for a shower but there is no way an adult of normal size or lager would be able to take anything resembling a nice bath in there. It's perfect for their needs and for resale purposes (not that they are planning to sell ever) it's a tub. It's definitely the easiest tub I've ever had to get in and out of for showering.

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californiagirl, my problem with the 5' tub is not the width. The problem is the length IF it is in an alcove. I feel like my neck is uncomfortably crooked against the tile. I am not sure I would need a longer tub, but rather more space behind my head. I think if I had another few inches behind my head it would be fine. I am 5'7". Maybe if you are shorter it is okay.

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