Want to hear about the craft show?

luvstocraftSeptember 18, 2010

Hi All, I thought I'd give you a quick rundown on the craft show. I always get a thrill when I first walk in the door and see all the rows of neat stuff just waiting to be examined and admired.

I saw lots of painted metal items, everything from yard flowers to door hangers. Was loving the little hand painted blocks with clear glitter on them. There would be a block saying "Happy Thanksgiving" and on top would be a small painted and glittered turkey or a leaf cutout. Some blocks said "meow" and had a cutout cat on top. There were all kinds from ladybugs to purses.

Also saw some cute painted wooden frames. One was painted black with orange on the inside where the picture goes. It was handlettered with "I'm not scary, I'm Bootiful!"

Also a booth with the most fantastic fabric items. Darling wall hanging with a row of dancing witches fabric, little pillows made of chennile with a square of printed fabric that had a cute picture in the middle--some were Halloween, Fall, and even cherries and such.

Lots of jewerly as usual,lots of food stuff too. One booth that I didn't like as much had lots of rough wood signs--but the writing was white paint just put on with a wide brush. Just looked kinda sloppy to me--but they were selling!

It was fun, but I only bought two little Fall items (no pics until later)--mostly I looked for "ideas" because the prices can be a little high for my budget and it's really more fun to me if I make things. ;o) (My DH just doesn't know how lucky he is, does he????) LOL

OA got to go as well, we ran into each other as I was starting and she was heading for the checkout line. OA, is there anything you would like to add that I forgot to mention? Are you like me and wanting to hit Joanne's and the Fabric Patch to look for some of that fabric that was on the wall hangings and towels? ;o)

Jane, I can't wait to hear about the fantastic place you are going tomorrow. We couldn't take pics, but hopefully, you will be able to.


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Sounds like a lot of fun seeing all those goodies. I'd have to go WITHOUT my purse to something like that. LOL.
Of the things you described, I think the "Bootiful" frame
thing would have been a favorite for sure.

hugs, Karen

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Sounds like a great place to get ideas! I hope you took lots of pics!
Funny you saw each other, small world!

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Luvs, sounds like you enjoyed the craft show and I'm sure you got some inspiration that we will be enjoying soon. I never seem to make it to the craft shows any more. Maybe this year DD will be ready to go again and we'll buy for our help at the offices.


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We didn't just "run into" each other, we knew we would both be there. We would have gone together except that one of my little friends who is normally stuck at home allot caring for DH had asked to go with me. Unfortunately, he ended up not doing well that morning so she called and cancelled but I took lunch over to her house afterwards and spent some time with her. (I just HAD to run by and see what was at the craft show first!) LOL

I'm hoping OA and I can meet for lunch again soon.


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