Best cleaner for neglected shower tiles?

worldphotoNovember 26, 2006

I just moved into a house and it looks like the shower tiles haven't been cleaned in years. There is a lot of soap scum that I can't get clean. I have tried everything I can think of to restore the shine including Lime-a-way, Tilex, Comet, Bleach and Lysol as well as some professional tile and grout cleaners. I even tried buffing the stains out with some auto polish but I can't tell I'm making any progress. Does anybody have any experience on what will definitely work?

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Try squirting a large bottle of "tough on grease liquid dish soap" on the tile. Spread it around with a cleaning brush and let it sit for 3-4 hours. It will dry a little, but that's O.K.

Then, scrub the tile with a no scratch brush. That should do the trick.

For grouting, warm white vinegar should do the trick.


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Try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. They *definitely* work although depending on the grime level can be pricey. Check your paper for coupons, warehouse store for bulk packs, or your grocery for store brand varities to save money.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to a picture of Magic Eraser used on Tiles

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Ah but you haven't mentioned Barkeepers Helper. This stuff comes in a cardboard can like Ajax and is usually found in the cleaning aisle or with car cleaner at the grocery store. This stuff is the only thing that works for me if I have water stains, iron/rust stains, etc. I had tried everything else (Comet, CLR, Limeaway, etc.) and was afraid to use Barkeepers because I thought it would scratch. I make a paste on a washcloth and gently go round and round. You won't even believe it. Get some now and I'll check this post in a day or so to see your reaction.

I used to live on a lake and our water was gross. Our tub was brown when we moved in and this was the only thing that ever worked (a neighbor brought it to us).

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If you have a Sams Club nearby they sell a product in their professional cleaning section made by EcoLab. It's called Power Bath & Bowl Cleaner. It's meant for use by hotels, hospitals, residential cleaning services.

My nephew had been living with us for the past year and none of us were ever brave enough to tackle a teen's bathroom. Needless to say the walls of the shower had "life" of their own growing on them. This stuff cut through it like a hot knife through butter. It's cheap as dirt too, something like less than $5 for a ten bottle refill drum?

Best of luck!

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Try ZAP- they have a restorer and maintence formula and it's for porcelain, fiberglass, tile and grout and believe me, it will have to use a mask and gloves and leave the room for a while but it will work. I believe I got it by ordering it but I think it's now available at Costco,,,same makers as Zoom. Anyway,,just use one of those scotch brite green brillo-type thin pads and you should be fine. Please use a mask and gloves..When you're done,,if you can find a clear or white (just make sure it matches your grout) turtle wax type product,,put it on,,let it dry,,then rub it off and you'll be able to see the water and soap just run right off for about 6 months,,depends on your family. It really works great for my glass doors once they are clean, keeps them that way as nothing will stick to it.

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Oops - it's "Barkeepers Friend"

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2nding Barkeepers Friend! Love it!

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Be very careful when using Barkeepers Friend: I scoured the surface of my bathtub by leaving it on too long. It's important to thoroughly rinse the tile/tub surface within a couple of minutes. Barkeepers Friend is good on rust stains (on almost anything), but again don't leave it on too long.

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