Halloween Table Decoration

oldalgebraSeptember 23, 2010

We've all been focusing on the top of the table.

But take a look at this. This is for the truly obsessed.

Let No Square Inch of the Table Go Undecorated.

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What a hoot. Halloween Lovers should love this idea, its just darn cute as can be!

hugs, Karen

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How funny!
Of course, OA would find a link with "Square Inch" in it, Tee Hee.


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I want some, I'll just whip some up for everyone in my spare time. (In my dreams). But, they are precious.

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It is funny, isn't it. Not for me, but I can just see my grandchildren going crazy over it.

Hey, wait a minute. Grandchildren + Halloween decorating + Table???? Maybe I DO need to sew a few. . . No. No. I've got to stop this. I said, "No more cute stuff," and I'm going to stick to it.

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