How to remove candle wax from a linen tablecover

earthlydelightsNovember 28, 2006

does anyone have any suggestions? thanksgiving candle dripped in the worst way. i wanted to wait until it was just right to be able to peel it off. someone else had another idea. there are now flecks all caked into the cloth.

thanks for any help you can suggest/offer.


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Here are 4 methods I have read or heard about:
1. Place cloth in freezer for approx. 1/2 hour, taking care not to place it near any potential stain-makers. This will re-solidify the wax and make it chip off more easily with the use of a dull knife.
2. Use a product called "Wax-away," or something similar available through church linen supply houses and some hardware stores. Use according to instructions on bottle.
3. Take to a cleaner who specializes in fine and delicate fabrics. (I did this; it was $60, though, but the results were great.)
4. Blot stain with small amounts of dry-cleaning fluid, then wash with cloth dampened with dilute detergent.

NB: Don't use the warm iron and paper towel method as it is just as likely to drive the stain deeper into the fabric. Also, if the candle wax is colored, I would not try doing anything myself.

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thanks for all the suggestions, KD.
going to follow 1 first and then the next three in no particular order.

thanks again.

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Use a hot iron and clean white washcloths...I removed a lot of wax this way from a velvet sofa arm and down the front and a large portion of pile carpet...took 2 days and 2 packs of cheap white washcloths but all of the wax cleaned up.

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I use a warm iron and paper towels....and I will guarantee it works....and won't drive the stain deeper into the's already deep in to the fabric!
If you use that wax away stuff it may remove some color on the table cloth, don't scrape very hard or you may abrade the fabric....just melt the wax and put something over the cloth to absorb the melted wax....and repeat....and repeat.
If the wax is colored, remove all the wax and if there is stain left, it will be the coloring in the you will need to bleach that....and that can be tricky with a light colored cloth. I recommend soaking the whole thing in oxy clean...AFTER you have removed all the wax.
During the Christmas holidays I regularly have about 40 red candles believe me I know spilled wax!!
Linda C

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I tried the hot iron and paper towel approach after removing as much of the hardened wax as possible; the paper towel did absorb most of the remaining wax but left a stain from the red candle on the cream-colored cloth. I used a stain remover and some salt to remove most of the stain but it did lighten the entire cloth in that particular area.

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