Anyone have a Dyson DC14

mboston_gwNovember 10, 2008

This is supposed to be made exclusively for Sears. It was recently advertised for $439.99 with a $50 gift card with purchase. I really need a vacuum that does well on carpet but love to also use it on tile floors and get under the cabinets and furniture. This one is listed as having a flat tool for reaching under low furniture.

Dyson is also supposed to have a canister. Does anyone know about that?

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I just noticed that there is also a Dyson DC14 listed for $399 in the same Sears ad but it is not the same vacuum. This one has the yellow front part. The one made for Sears does not look the same as far as color. Any difference?

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I just sold my DC14. It was red and purple. It had the low reach tool. If you can, go to Sears and take a look at the tool. I couldn't understand why it had such a tiny hole in the bottom of it and it never sucked things that were outside that hole so I had to get rid of it. Too many allergies in this house, I needed to do under beds and furniture once a week.

It also irritated me that you have to unwind the cord every time you use the extention pole with attachments. I hate cords - goes all the way back to when I was 5 and expected to vacuum the house with a cannister. I have hated canisters since but bought one last week anyway and I love it!

Way to much information but if you can please go look at one and see what YOU think. Bagless is awesome!!! But they also hang onto all the fine dust. It all gets caught in the cyclone container. I would rinse it out every so often because it grossed me out. All those tiny holes fill with fine dust and dirt.

Good luck.

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What did you buy to replace your Dyson?

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I bought the new Kenomore Intuition Canister. I love it! It is bright blue :) I love the attachments and how they hook right up at the end of the handle so they are easy to use and control. I can get under our beds and furniture and I don't mind using the canister either. I was leary but don't mind it at all. I was always knocking the uprights over and am so glad I don't do that any more.

And it comes with a pet brush, it is a mini rotary brush that cleans up pet hair. I used it on my steps that haven't been cleaned in years and it was awesome!

I think I made a good decision. Good luck.

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I have never posted a link here but since Sears website is so lame I thought I should give you the page.
So I hope it works.
p.s. If you look at there is a vacuum ending in 15 and 14 and it looks like one ending in 14 is better so check that out as well. Not sure exactly what the difference would be. Just an FYI. I checked and mine is 14

Here is a link that might be useful: Kenmore Intuition

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The Dyson DC 14 is my least favorite Dyson. I prefer its predecessor the DC 07. I sold the 07 when I worked at Sears when Dyson first came to the US. Sadly, I own a DC14. I don't like it much at all! The 07 had a bigger dirt chamber, an easier to release trap door, a more comfortable handle, and a much easier to use wand system (none of that telescoping BS). Plus the attachments were stored out of the way on the side of the machine instead of in the way atop the dirt chamber as they are on the 14.

To be honest, I wouldn't recommend ANY Dyson that has the bare floor control as the knob at the bottom of the cleaner. That means the DC 07 and 14. The reason is because those cleaners use a clutch system to manipulate the belt to turn the brush roll on and off. If the belt goes, you MUST replace the ENTIRE clutch assembly (not cheap), and "you" can't do it... it must me sent in for service... changing the clutch system is a 19 step process.

The Low Reach floor tool is great! It is great quality, and works well. I like it so much that I actually use it on other cleanerss! However, the Dyson wand isn't very long so one almost has to bend over to use that tool. Not to mention the wand handle isn't at all comfortable on the telescoping wand models. The 07 used the same handle for the wand as for use as an upright... the user just had to put the hose on the other end of the wand... very simple. Another problem with vacuuming bare floors with the attachment is that the hose is very tight (especially with the cleaner on) and the Dyson follows closely enough to be a constant ankle biter.

If you must have a Dyson, I'd suggest the DC 17. It has a "real" belt... you can tell because there is a second power switch for the brush roll right beside the main power switch... none of that clutch mess. Also, because of that, it uses a "real" brush roll... not the very thin ones found on the models with the clutch system that not only don't clean as well, but also readily entangle hair.

Good luck with your decision!

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You asked about the colors. Dyson does something very confusing with their machines. They make machines different colors and give them different names (like Animal or All Floors), but the machine itself is the same as long as it has the same model number. So, all DC 14s are the same no matter what color the machine is. The yellow one just comes with the machine itself and the on board tools. The purple one (the one they call the Animal) comes with a low reach floor tool, a Zorb attachment (a dry carpet cleaning powder, and the brush to work it into the carpet with), and an air powered turbo nozzle. So, the only difference beside the color is in the accessories that come with the machine when you are talking about Dysons with the same model number.

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Just a tip that may help to save the clutch and belt on Dyson. There is no reason to change it to bare floors. Just keep it on carpet all the time. I read this in an article by a vacuum salesman turned technician - the "useful link."

I used to hate hate vacuuming (Fein and Electrolux), but with the Dyson 14, I'm vacuuming everyday. Husband just "threatened" to disable it sometime when I'm not looking. Got it at Future Shop.

Here is a link that might be useful: most useful review found

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Are you sure you want to promote this person you linked to? He does not know what he is talking about.

You can scratch some floors with the Dyson, if you do not stop the brushroll. That is why they have the carpet-floor knob or switch.

He said "knowing that any vacuum that had a paper or cloth bag was worthless after the first 10 minutes of cleaning" Oh brother! Any vacuum with paper or cloth, will clean very well after the first 10mins. of use. Bags will continue to fill, but should be changed when they are about 3/4 full. He also said something about paper bags only picking up "fluff" and a little bit of sand. Wrong again! There are quite a few vacuum cleaners that will pick up alot of sand.

He also said, "Some vacuums really do beat the carpet to death by having a hard plastic bar along with brushes on the rotating bar. A very bad idea no matter what the salesperson might tell you. Let me ask you, "Do you beat the dirt out of your pet or do you brush it?" All you need on a vacuum (with proper airflow) is a brush. I think the reason vacuum manufacturers put bars on is because they know their vacuums can not pickup the dirt so they beat it down into the carpet nap so you donÂt see it and think the dirt is gone."

This guy knows nothing about vacuum cleaners. Beater bars do work. They help bring the dirt to the top and allow the dirt to be swept up by the bristles. The dirt is not beat down into the carpeting. Kirby was one company who tried to scare people into thinking beater bars will damage carpeting.

The brushrolls changed when people wanted to vacuum their floors with their upright.

The beating action has not disappeared. Manufacturers have designed their brushrolls, so that they still beat the carpeting without the use of a beater bar. They just do not beat as hard. They can accomplish this be using stiff brushrolls and brushrolls with brush stiffeners.

Next, he says "If your vacuum is working you should never have to shampoo a carpet unless someone spills". He needs to tell this to the carpet cleaners, carpet mills, etc., so they can get a good laugh.

There is so much more I can bring up, but I think I have made my point. If anyone goes to that link, please do not treat it as "gospel" or fact. He is just a Dyson promotor. Look at the links at the bottom. He links to a site that discusses James Dyson and also a link to a site where someone writes how Amway did Dyson wrong.

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Well, I believe people can make up their own minds. I'm just one of many answering. There's hundreds of reviews accessible at the link, and this guy doesn't only link to Dyson; he links to all the main manufacturers. The bottom line is that I love it and moreover I use it. The house has never been cleaner. Sure, maybe a $2000 vacuum is good too, but not for many wallets. I don't even want to continually buy bags.

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Geguy, I thought the same thing when I read his review. There were some mistruths.

He said the "swiveling head keeps the brushes in constant contact with the floor" The head pivots, not swivels. It changes the angle of the sole plate, but the brush roll does not move one bit.

He also said
"There is no reason to use metal on a vacuum cleaner anymore" I think the problem with most modern devices is that they are made of metal instead of plastic. A Kirby, Filter Queen, or Rainbow will clean circles around a Dyson. They might not be as easy to use, and they might cost more, but this guy thinks Dyson is the best vacuum in the world! Far from it.

The review was very long and people really don't need a physics lession when they are looking at vacuum reviews.

Here's a link to my epinions review, which isn't quite as biased... though still long, I think it mainly focuses on the machine itself. I just re-read it... I must have been asleep when I typed it as there are quite a few spelling/grammar errors.

mboston, are you still with us? Did you make your decision yet?

Here is a link that might be useful: Different Dyson review

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I haven't made up my mind but I did go by Sears today and looked at the Intuition canister and the Progressive Upright that is bagless/beltless. I really liked the upright, better than the canister. My only concern is that the base of it is so high up I am afraid it won't go under the cabinets easily. It does have a great flexible hose that is very easy to use without tipping over the whole machine.

Does anyone have feedback on the Progressive Upright? It is rated #2 for a Best Buy. On sale now for $229.00

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