Replacing a burner knob shaft on a Bluestar

cookncarpenterMay 23, 2013

Has anyone had to replace a shaft that holds the knob on?
The split shaft broke in half, and knob won't stay on. Just wondering how hard of a fix is this? Assuming I can get the replacement part from Bluestar...

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hmmm...i'm not sure how to go about doing that. here's a parts list online that I found a while back.

take a look and see if that part is listed. if not, definately call them and explain the situation.

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how did it break, btw?

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Thanks for the link gtadross! I contacted my dealer, and Bluestar is sending the part to me. It is the griddle control knob, which looks to be part of the thermostat. Hope the replacement doesn't require dismantling the whole stove...

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No problem.

Is it for the griddle or just a knob for a burner? Keep us posted as to how to repair. Thanks.

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"how did it break, btw?"
...Oh, that would be my doing :0 The griddle knob felt kind of "loose" compared to the others, and wiggled and could be pulled off very easily. The split shaft compresses as you insert the knob on it, providing tension to hold it on. So brilliant me, I decide to spread the two prongs (I think they are aluminum) a bit to provide more tension, well that helped but still not a quite as tight as the others, so I spread them a bit more, and then couldn't fit the knob back on it, so I then compressed the prongs back together ever so slightly, and snap :(...

moral.... if it's not broken, don't fix it

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Well good news, I just took the front of the control panel off (7 sheet metal screws) and the thermostat is held in by the two small screws on either side of the shaft. It should be easy to remove and replace:)...and then leave well enough alone;)

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This happened to me on my oven control knob. When I first got my range, the guy who delivered it did what you did and a few years later it broke.

I ordered a new thermostat, but never installed it. Why? Well I fixed the old one. (which took a bit of thinking)

Let's see if I can remember.... I got a piece of brass tubing from the hardware store, with the inner diameter about the right size to slip over the remaining broken nub.

I cut off a small section of the brass tubing, maybe 5/8 of an inch- approximately.... I hit one end of it with a hammer to shape it to 'better' fit over the broken nub.

That is, the little brass tube was slightly flattened on one end to resemble a "D" shape. I slid it over the broken end.- to be epoxied later....

So now I had a short brass tube sticking out on which to attach the knob... hmm. I noticed that the brass tube was now larger in diameter than "D" hole in the original plastic sleeve inside the knob.

I also noticed that the plastic knob inserts to the burners had larger "D" holes as well.

So if I shaped the projecting end of the brass tube to a large "D" shape it might work on the larger knob insert. This side of the tube I used a saw and cut the brass down the middle.

And it worked. Except I was using a burner knob. So I had to enlarge the hole in the thermostat knob or get another plastic knob insert... anyway you get the idea, it was a lot of fussing... but it has continued to work well enough that I never installed the new thermostat.

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