My latest project :)

milosmom_gwSeptember 20, 2011

With everything that has been happening, I'm striving to find my sense of "normal". There are still ongoing appts with my son reguarding his health but he's in good hands with Dad and I'm currently on furkid supervision for my crated sick one so I've been given some free "me time". DH and I have been together for 10 years on the 7th (married a year coming in Oct,lol).

I was out pilfering and came across this thinking it was the perfect anniversary gift.. ummm... lol

It obviously needed some major help. It had been half painted a horried maroon color and smelled like a chicken coop. Druther me not, I dragged it home... DH thought I'd lost my mind. lol

With a little ambition and love , here it is now...(of course 2 of the 4 nosey furkids).

I was perturbed that someone ruined the beautiful pecan finish by painting it but no hope for salvage so I painted it to match my kitchen cabinets. I LOVE it now and ironically the wooden embellishment on top is of the same pattern as what was on my wedding dress. It was meant to be I told him. lol

I don't plan to use it for dishes persay, it's more fun as of now to decorate it with "stuff".

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It turned out fabulous! & so cool that you could match your cupboard color! Love seeing Fall decor in it...that will be so much fun! Congrats on your 10th togetherness! TFS, maxi! Jeanne S.

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Great job on the cabinet 'redo'!
I think it will make a perfect showpiece for lots of 'Stuff'.
It's a good size too, and with the
Holidays coming up.. you're going to have a ball with it.
I can't believe it's almost your first anniversary.
I remember you giving us sneak previews of all your wedding plans.
May this year be a good one for you.

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What Jane said...LOL. A year already, seems only yesterday we were involved in your wedding plans! ;o)

TERRIFIC redo on that hutch, and the color really sets off Fall decor. I am quite green with envy. Two years ago, I found the top HALF (almost identical) in GW for $25. I bought it thinking some day I'd find a lower portion for it. No luck. Not to mention no place to really put it. I tried to sell it on Craigslist but no luck there either.
So its been in my garage. Tho mine was in good condition, and I didn't need to redo it. I like yours better painted.
Obviously you have Pug Approval too. ;o)

Prayers continue for your son. You sound much less stressed, so hope that is the case and Fall will fun for you to decorate and play with us here.

hugs, Karen

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What fun to have a cabinet that is a 'just for fun' to decorate. Gives me an idea for a curio cabinet that I have that has had the same stuff in it for the past 10 years. I think this is the year to dismantle the things in it and decorate it up seasonally.

Love what you have done with yours - TFS and congrats on your upcoming anniversary :) and the years together .....


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Thank you ladies :).
It does seem like just yesterday we were plugging away finalizing the wedding. The majority of the year has been horrid in our personal lives but we still like each other so there must be hope. lol
Karen: Everything around here has to be pug approved. lol
I'm not certain I'm less stressed, just maybe getting a grip at coping with so much at one time. Good thing to before my mentality totally left.

Lynne: I highly recommend having the one dedicated space to play in. I've spent a whole! lot of time thinking about what all I can do with it. Didn't realize I would like it that much. lol

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MM, after watching all the neat changes that blogger does with decorating her hutch, is what makes me want one to play with so badly. But I honestly have NO place to put one. I am thinking maybe here in my "dog den" (my 6 Whippets, my TV, and my computer. LOL) when my 18 yr old fish kicks the bucket. I want that 50 gal tank gone and its either put a loveseat there, or a hutch. My dogs vote for the loveseat of course. LOL.
Trouble is, I've heard of these kind of fish living for up to 30 yrs. LOL. (he's a freshwater scavenger, Plecostamus, and looks like a prehistoric monster. His shark buddy died last year at same age. Anyway, he's here till the end. ;o)

Lynne mentioning decorating your curio cabinet. I do that for Christmas with several of mine, but never have for other holidays. Can't seem to bring myself to pack or sell
my many collections.

MM, leaving you with my favorite quote...

"You just gotta learn to dance while Life is throwing chainsaws and chickens at you....
after the first few cuts and pecks, the rest is easy."

hugs, Karen

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Wonderful anniversary gift! I think you found a great peice of furniture and I love that you painted it black and it matches your kitchen cabinets. Looks wonderful all decorated for fall.

Sure hope life starts treating you better soon.


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Karen...does your local library have an aquarium? Mine did & we would have loved to add your Plecotamus to it! Just a thought (if you really want to take down your tank).

I think MM's hutch is so very cool ...that she can 'play' with it in many seasons! Jeanne S.

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Wow! What a nice transformation you made! It looks great and your fall decor really shows up great in it. Congrats on the "gift" and on your years together. I too hope things will start to go smoother for you. Luvs

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Jeanne, I've had Monster pretty much his whole life. He was only about 2" long when I got him. Just a baby. Now he's nearly 19"!! I'd feel terrible if I gave him away. :o(

hugs, Karen

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MM, Sorry I missed this. I love the transformation on your Hutch. It looks great decorated for fall. You should have lots of fun changing it out seasonally. The Pugs are so cute!
Happy Anniversary!!

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Karen: Here is the before and after thread of my china cabinet you were looking for. :)

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THANK YOU for finding this post for me! I'll show my BFF tomorrow (well today, its 1 am. LOL)

hugs, Karen

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