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love2sewNovember 9, 2009

I am looking to purchase a new bagless vac. The one I am most interested in is the Eurika Capture Plus. None of these bagless say how big the collection cup is. I have a vac stick and the cup is not big enough and all the lint sticks up against the filter...will the bigger models do this too? The Eurika has a telescopic spin duster that extends 3'. What is this explanation given.

If you have an Eurika bagless, how do you like it? Thanks for your help.

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Most full-sized uprights are going to have a dirt bin large enough to clean an average sized home. They are going to be larger than your bagless stick vac.

The Capture will not have as much hair and lint against the filter, because it uses another design in its filtering. There will still be filters to wash out. But you will not have a pleated filter with a screen or foam filter infront of the filter and it will not be in the dirt bin either.

The Spin duster is great for dusting, because it can hold dust unlike a feather duster. You do not have to purchase this vacuum cleaner to have a static duster though. The static duster gets a static charge when the vacuum is turned on and spins. The duster can be cleaned when the duster is returned to its compartment and spins clean.

There are other brands and models of bagless uprights that will use multiple cyclones which translates into more cyclones and less dirt on the filter compared to the Eureka. Dyson, Bissell Healty Home, Bissell Heavy Duty, Hoover Turbo Cyclonic, and Hoover Platinum are just a few.

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Thank you for your reply and detailed explanation. I can now choose which model I want. I don't think I need to pay for the big Dyson name as I don't have pets. I liked the price of the Eurika but I will check out the other models mentioned.

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I bought a Bissel Powerforce Turbo Model 6585 today. I had vacuumed last week.
Well, when I put this baby together and vacuumed the carpet....UGH!
Getting rid of the old Eureka, for sure.
Paid $65 for it at Walmart. It has a HEPA filter and is bagless.
Those were the 2 things I wanted.
Kathy G in MI

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I have a eureka ultima bagless vac with the filter that you have to wash out. the reason that I dont like it is because the filter fills fast and needs cleaned a LOT !! it used to have good sucktion but now it just throws things crumbs and such.Ive checked to make sure that all filter sources are clear and all hose are Im not sure what the problem is,But I like to use powedered floor oder eliminators because I have 4 chihuahuas and 3 ferrets and I cant use it with this vacuum because it clogs the filters really fast and then there is NO suction at all till I bang all the powder out of it.

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