French Door Fridge with High Volume Ice Maker

HomeCookAustinMay 1, 2013

I'm moving soon and looking to buy a large french door, bottom freezer fridge (like a 29 cu ft 36" wide).

Would live a built-in in a new house, but at 2-3 times the cost, have decided we can make do with a freestanding and set it back so it is flush with the cabinets.

The problem is we live in a hot climate and use our water dispenser on our current fridge, a Kenmore branded LG, several times a day. The ice maker on our current fridge is in the freezer drawer. This is nice in that the ice maker doesn't take up fridge space. You can put a larger ice pan in the freezer or transfer it out and make a lot of ice. This is great for cooking and our hot climate.

None of the current crop of fridges appear to offer this any more. Every one with a door water dispenser also has a door ice maker that takes up significant space inside the fridge portion. I also assume the production volume is low for door ice makers, and/or getting ice out of the bin is a pain.

Some fridges have dual ice makers. Those might work, but again, we lose space. Although not having to bend over to fill a glass would be nice.

Any ideas? I want to avoid having to buy a dedicated ice machine. I think those might be more trouble than they are worth. But I am willing to do it if that's the right way to go.


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Hi. You might wish to look at GE. I've linked their FD dual ice maker video.

New GE models are: GE Cafe CFE29TSDSS and Profile PFE29PSDSS .

Hope this helps you.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE FD Dual Ice maker link:

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I am in the same boat. We need a 29 cu ft, 36" wide FD for a family of 6 that has a lot of family and friends over. LG, Samsung and GE(regular GE - not the Profile model) have 29 cu ft dual icemaker FD full depth models. One appliance store we are dealing with believes that Kitchen Aid does too but I cannot find it. They are double checking that for us. Ideally I'd love to do KA FD and DW - as long as KA truly has a 29 cu ft dual icemaker. People are kind of scaring me away from GE, but I really liked the "feel" of their fridge - space light and quality over the LG and Samsung. Although the LG and Samsungs get high marks no doubt! I just know we don;t have room for a separate icemaker. In the hot south, we really need the dual icemaker!! Anyway, that's what we've researched thus far. Good luck!

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