cleaning lint from microfiber cloths

peoniesandposiesNovember 8, 2009

I'm always picking off threads from my microfiber cloths after I take them out of the washer. I normally hang them to dry over a plastic hanger. I'm sure there must be a lot of lint stuck in them too. How do you clean the cloths, or does it really matter?

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I don't get lint on mine, because don't wash them in the washer. I just soak them in a basin of soap and water for a while, then give them a rinse and hang them up.

If you do them in the washer don't wash them with towels or stuff that is linty.

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I wash my microfiber cloths separately from other items. I have about 30 of them, and I collect the dirty ones in a bucket until I have enough for a small load. Still, I get sawdust and lint on them occasionally and then have to hand pick that stuff off.

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I believe microfiber was invented to pick up lint and dust therefore, lint will never really wash out of them since it's made to pick it up. The fibers are sticky to naturally attract the stuff and hold the stuff (hold being the operative word).

Microfiber, for me, is a love/hate relationship. I wash all my microfibers together, using the permanent press cycle, I have a front load, and permanent press uses more water to swish everything around.I use no bleach and no softener, then I do dry in the dryer. My theory is that it will "recharge" the static in the microfiber, true or not, the cloths do like to zap me when I take them out.

I'm also always picking off lint,sawdust, and other little nasties from the micros as I fold them. I don't think there's any way around it unless you decide to only clean things that are clean LOL!

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Maybe you don't need to worry too much about removing the lint. After all, you've cleaned it and if it's sticking to the cloths it won't be redeposited on what you are cleaning.

I do wash my microfibers alone never with other clothes. I keep a large zip lock bag with my cleaning supplies and put the used ones in that until I have enough of them for a small load.

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I wash mine separately in the washer and dry them in the dryer. If needed, I pick off by hand some lint afterward. Sawdust is the worst: I learned never to use them for house construction projects. I also buy only the relatively inexpensive cloths from a place like Target or Walmart (in automotive; they come in stacks of 6 or 8) and don't feel too bad when one needs to get tossed.

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